Kate Gosselin Dreads Summer Vacation: Forced To Spend Time With Her Kids

Kate Gosselin Dreads Summer Vacation: Forced To Spend Time With  To Spend Time With Her Kids

Is Kate Gosselin finally turning over a new leaf? Or is this all part of her PR training? Kate’s been in and out of several jobs for a while now, and the lack of a steady paycheck’s got to be hurting. She doesn’t have reality TV cash to fall back on anymore, and there have been plenty of rumors about Kate having financial troubles.

So will tweeting about her family help her get a job? Nobody wants to hear about Kate Gosselin being a train wreck anymore, especially without that idiot Jon Gosselin. America’s moved on to way bigger train wrecks now, including Amanda Bynes and the Teen Mom famewhores. So is Kate’s new tactic to be seen as the clean, wholesome, awesome mother to her eight children?

Kate’s always been a consistent Tweeter, and she recently tweeted that she was excited for the summer to arrive so that she could spend more time with her kids. She said, “Good Tuesday Morning. Back2theschool&work grind stone… But not for long! Summer is just around the corner&even MOM can’t wait #excited.”

Does Kate really want to hang out with her children all summer? I mean, most parents do, but after everything I’ve seen and heard from Kate, I just have a hard time buying this whole new act that she’s putting on, even if it’s not an act.

What do you guys think? Is Kate actually excited to be spending the summer with her kids? Or she is just making it up as usual? Is it just a way for her to stay in the spotlight and create a better public image for herself? Let us know what you think in the comments, and whether you think this is just a publicity tactic or not.

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6 responses to “Kate Gosselin Dreads Summer Vacation: Forced To Spend Time With Her Kids”

  1. disqus_VfQ1vadsNn says:

    Don’t buy it at all that Kate really want to spend time with her children…her reaction and image is just for PR that’s it, and her website is struggling, that is why she’s posting and exploiting her children on her website to get more visitors. All for the PR because Kate know everyone wants to forget about her so she uses her children to stay relevant. Kate love to spend more of her time away from the children. Don’t believe it for a minute she want to spend her summer with the children.

  2. Jessica Jennings says:

    Moms talk about there kids, It’s what we do. It’s the best part of our day, what envelops our life. It is impossible to separate a good mother from her feelings of her child. so what would a mother of eight blog about devoid of her kids? Countless people have wrote on the inablity to get even a moment free to have a bathroom visit child free, do you really think she could come up with a whole blog free of them? Why would she even try? I love hearing about the kids, and I loved seeing them on the show.

  3. lukebandit says:

    First of all, Jon is not an idiot. He finally settled down to a quiet life with his gf and her 3 children AND HIS EIGHT CHILDREN! Jon was physically, emotionally and verbally abused by this mentally ill dimwit that goes by the name kate. kate will never do this. She wants to be on tv so bad it is eating her alive. She even threatened the kids to not tell anybody that they were going to be on tv with Celeb Wife Swap. kate grifted a vacation on the beach last summer near Gulf Shores, AL packed everything including kids to save money. As high as gas is and she and her crew drove hundreds of miles back and forth. I guess there were no beaches just a couple of hours from her home. Not. She keeps those kids so isolated from their friends because she is afraid that one of them will say something that she done that was very bad. Can’ wait till the book: Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World”.

  4. Big Tuna says:

    The only time Kate is happy to be around her kids is when the camera is running and they are making her money.Thats it,end of story.15 minutes were up about 2 years ago,please validate parking and move out as Amanda is moving moving in.Next!

  5. khanyi anderson says:

    Kate I’m from south africa nd I think u should nt be hating the father of ur children, some how find a place in your heart nd forgive him please. Ur children love their father do it for u children.khanyi anderson S.A I love alexis faith gosselin

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