Kate Gosselin Desperate to Catch A Sugar Daddy – Wants To Be A Prostitute Like “Pretty Woman”

Kate Gosselin Desperate to Catch A Sugar Daddy - Wishes She Was A Prostitute

Remember when Martha Stewart said she was looking for love. Most men in North America kind of simultaneously ducked all at once. It entertained me at the time because it was mistaken for a dance move. Well although that was fun to watch I don’t believe the reaction to Kate Gosselin’s manhunt will be half as funny.  It probably resemble the Trail of Tears or the New York Marathon. The men will be fleeing in large numbers. Ready to trip over themselves and/or run over others. The strength of the sheer number of the stampede will make the ground shake and cause the remaining women to fear for their lives. That’s what will happen as Kate tries to find a man!

Watching Pretty Woman… ‘I want the fairy tale…’ #metoo” she tweeted.

So that’s what she’s looking for. A rich guy that will come and write off all of her worries. The fact she has 8 kids I’m pretty sure she has quite a handful of problems. It was only recently that her main problem was her ex Jon. He allegedly hacked into her accounts. You never know maybe Kate what a larger number waiting in her account just for Jon’s viewing.  It’ll sure show him.

Even as I hate to say it there are some women who do look up to Kate. I don’t know why but they do. So Kate really shouldn’t go comparing herself to a prostitute. That shouldn’t be on “What I want to be when I grow up” List.  That’s why openly shopping for  Sugar Daddy is frowned on. If anything the Ana Nicole movie should have at least taught her that.

Still we all know once Kate gives up on the whole dating thing she has no choice but to find other avenues to milk money from. Like her kids. If the kids could make it away I’m pretty sure they would have been a part of their own stampede. She is literally that mean and that’s coming from me.