Kate Gosselin Trying For New Reality Show After Cookbook Release

Kate Gosselin Trying For New Reality Show After Cookbook Release

Is Kate Gosselin trying for a new reality show? Her recent storm of controversies have surprised and shocked some people, especially former fans of Kate’s old realty show.

Sorry, who am I kidding? I couldn’t even type that with a straight face. Kate’s recent spate of controversies have shocked absolutely no one, and in fact, I’m actually wondering why there haven’t been more. Kate’s currently in the midst of finishing up her cookbook, so that might explain why her attention’s been diverted.

We were actually just wondering a couple of months ago where Kate’s income was coming from. It was assumed from residuals from the reality shows, because I don’t see her having a job anymore. She was fired from the coupon blogger position after just a few months, and she doesn’t seem to be doing anything but hanging out with her kids. She recently sued her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, for back child support but goodness knows what he gave her considering he’s broke.

At least now, we know she’s writing a cookbook. And she intends to sell it. I assume she already had a deal or something in writing because after the whole Asian mocking Twitter photo debacle, I don’t know if publishers would be as keen to publish her. I mean, we all witnessed the fallout from the Paula Deen incident. Obviously, Kate’s excuse was that she can’t be racist because she has eight biracial children.

Anyway, sources are saying that with her name in the news recently, she’s been trying for another reality show. Her ex-husband has been rumored for the next season of Dancing with the Stars, which will surely make her spitting mad, especially if he beats her. But apparently she’s trying to get a solo reality show, and she’s trying to prove that she still has an audience that will tune in.

Do you guys think she still has that audience? Or do people not care about Kate Gosslelin anymore? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Kate Gosselin Trying For New Reality Show After Cookbook Release

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12 responses to “Kate Gosselin Trying For New Reality Show After Cookbook Release”

  1. Chris says:

    Hahahaahhaaahahahahaha, no. She should just go with the wind and be forgotten.

  2. debbiehm says:

    Kate WHO? First of all, she will be lucky to sell 100 copies of her(or whoever REALLY wrote the cookbook)…Did you forget how her cruise sold so “well”, they had to CANCEL it due to lack of interest…So, do you really think ANYBODY with a brain is going to waste money giving her any kind of show? Kate is a has been wanna be…Her time is up and there are far too many new and interesting people on the horizon for people to invest in rather than HER…Donald Trump wouldn’t even let her be on Celebrity Apprentice and she begged…BEGGED him for a spot…She needs to accept her time in the spotlight is over..and be grateful she was able to scam the doctors into getting the sextuplets without whom she would still be even MORE of a nobody than she is..She had some fame and lots of money and that’s more than she ever would have had without tricking the doctor and taking more fertility drugs than she was prescribed…(I think she got extra from overseas according to HER diary)…Anyway, as for how she has money now, I don’t begin to know other than she begs or either she saved hers while pretending to be unable to pay her bills in the hopes that everyone would feel sorry for her and give her freebies…You get NO residuals from reality shows, so she done getting income with that…I am certain it is only a matter of time before she will have to do something drastic to keep up her current lifestyle…Like, maybe get a J-O-B???

  3. Angel 2009 says:

    It’s just unreal how obsessed she is with being in the spotlight. But she seems totally oblivious to how badly she has come across to the public in the past with her difficult and bullying behavior – doubt there is enough of a fan base left to support another reality show. Your 15 is done, Kate so get over it!

  4. marci925 says:

    Did I miss the day when Kate was NOT trying to get back on TV? It is a frequent topic of her tweets, and apparently the kids miss it too. She relayed that they miss having fun. I am certain those kids are emotionally battered when she is alone with them and the experiences provided by TLC were the only fun they had – even with the retakes and refilming of spontaneous life. As recent as today she wrote on her website that she would love to have a reality dating show, and the kids are pushing for it too. What middle school tween wants to see their parent on a reality dating show? What child wants to watch their mother dating a man who is not daddy? Her spectacular self-destruction of her fame world would be amusing to watch if not for the fact that 8 innocent children are emotionally and financially at risk. She needs to get a nursing job for the 9 hours a day her kids are at school and rejoin the world of mediocrity that she thinks she above. No one is going to pay to eatch her be Kate, and her disgusting attempts to pimp out her kids’ pictures for cash are pathetic

  5. Victoria McGuire says:

    Absolutely never cared about her. the first show was cute with all those adorable children. Then we saw who really cared about the, their dad. She’s another self-centered person

  6. debbiehm says:

    Well then kiss those poor kids money good bye…It’s GONE…

  7. debbiehm says:

    Are you serious she thought Oprah was going to buy her a HOUSE? When was this? In the very beginning when they were first born and Kate was just beginning to master her GRIFTING AND BEGGING skills???

  8. debbiehm says:

    STill? Thought she wrote her last column there…I read her goodbye and the big lie she drummed for her final post…

  9. […] Kate’s most recent tweet was, “Ran with Cara last night…I remember back when we started, I’d slow my pace to stay with her..last pm, she slowed to stay w/ me… #proudmom.” She added, “….Oh, and did I mention? She slowed, displaying a (well deserved) smirk on her face #prouddaughter.” Well, that’s sweet. I mean, for all we know, Kate could just be making everything up, so we really have no idea. But from her Twitter, she’s trying her best to play the mom card for public sympathy, which might come in handy if she manages to get her own reality show. […]

  10. dessertgirl says:

    I don’t think that any of Kate’s earlier shows are giving her residuals. They were really novices when they negotiated contracts in the beginning and I believe that I read somewhere that residuals weren’t considered.

    She might promote a line of hooker shoes and clothing. Dressing like a streetwalker looking for tricks seems to be her only talent.

  11. dessertgirl says:

    Kate released Jon from CS because she was delusional in thinking that her appearance on Wife Swap would ensure that all the networks would start a bidding war to give her another show. Fortunately for the kids, there will be no further shows.

  12. ctgreeneyes78 says:

    So far I have seen you post 3 comments. All are written as facts. Are you some kind of fly on the wall? What’s more is I can’t believe the number of people who are willing to believe any of this. Unless you are her personal assistant or something quit this nonsense & write it as it is – opinions & rumors.