Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery: Has Had A Facelift & Nose Job

Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery: Has Had A Facelift & Nose Job

Reality star and mother of eight Kate Gosselin has reportedly had some plastic surgery done on her face! Who knew?!? Considering that she once looked like a lowly troll of a housewife and now she looks like a lowly troll of a housewife with a different face, we would say that everyone knew. Just a hunch…

In these pictures above, you can see how Kate’s face has basically morphed from disgusting pig to well-paid, tanned disgusting pig. It’s quite obvious to anyone with half of a brain that she has had something done to her mug.

Several celebrity plastic surgeons are calling shenanigans on this being nature’s way of showing Kate’s “beauty”. The doctors are basically saying that Kate had to have forked over a whopping $10,000 for the face lift that she had done and roughly $7,500 for the nose job.

Since her craptastic reality show Kate Plus 8 ended in 2011, we’re left trying to figure out how she got the money together to pay for the expensive work she had done on her face. That was half of her salary as a coupon blogger, so how did she gather up the resources? Inquiring minds want to know! Now that we’re on the topic, should she have paid more? Ha!

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  • KyCat

    In the first photo before she had her operation’s, she looks like someone on the cover of an Ann Rule book on true crime! Scary then and still scared! Vile person!

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  • Limor Grinberg

    i love the right corner more then left:) They should to make ????? ????

  • 123dynamics .

    On the fourth photo she looks like she was goosed