Kate Gosselin Spring Break Thanksgiving Dinner – Uses Children Again

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Kate Gosselin’s show Kate Plus 8 has been canceled but that didn’t stop her from putting her kids to work.  Kate and her money makers stayed home for Spring Break this year, and that the whole family was hard at work cooking.

Per Kate’s blog, the family had some fun over the school break. There was a sleep over and a movie night. Otherwise, her munchkins were in the kitchen. Kate says her kids (money makers) baked 200 cookies to put in school lunches. They also helped make a full Thanksgiving meal. The idea behind cooking this meal is to remind the kids to be thankful every day year round.  The week ended with Kate getting the flu and getting some of her kids sick.

I’m glad Kate is taking an interest in her kids for once. But as usual Kate used them for her own gain. Now that the kids are not making her money by being on TV she has them helping with the running of the house. I’m sure the Thanksgiving meal was done so they could eat it all week, not to teach the kids about Thanksgiving.  Baking cookies is a great bonding experience for a mother and child, but when they crank out a couple hundred cookies in one day that’s more like child labor.

Kids have long memories. I’m sure they will remember spring break as learning responsibility more than taking a break from school. Their father Jon Gosselin is a dead beat dad, so Kate is preparing them to learn to be self sufficient. Also, this is a warning for these munchkins to not have more kids than they can care for. Kate is continuing to be on reality TV programs so she can pay the bills. Kate most recently participated in Celebrity Wife Swap along with Kendra Wilkinson. How embarrassing is that? Couple Kate’s television career with her hilarious hair styles and the mean things she says about their father and what you get is someone who is not fit to care for children. After her Celebrity Wife Swap appearance Kate accused Kendra of being a horrible mother. Hello, Pot?  This is kettle. Your black.

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