Kate Gosselin Supports Bullying – Tells Twitter Followers To Bully Her Haters!

Kate Gosselin Supports Bullying – Tells Twitter Followers To Bully Her Haters!

This is freaking disgusting. We thought that Kate Gosselin was on the path to reformation, but it turns out that she’s as much of a sick fame whore as ever. In the past few weeks, she’s been spamming Twitter with pictures of home-cooked meals and cute kid anecdotes. We almost fell for it (though were feeling a bit conspiratorial, all the while singing her praises.); I was blinded by my desire for her kids to grow up in a good home. Instead, Kate is addicted to her B-list ex-reality TV star celebrity status, and was just playing good mom to hook more TV offers!

We knew that Kate had fully gone to the dark side when she announced that she and Kendra Wilkinson (former Playboy Mansion resident and Hugh Hefner’s ex—not quite a porn star, but not a TV personality, as her official bio would have you believe) traded lives for Celebrity Wife Swap. While I don’t know Kendra personally, I think a good rule-of-thumb for parenting is: if they’ve starred on a reality show as one of the many girlfriends of a sex-empire, they probably shouldn’t be around kinds unsupervised. Call me old fashioned!

Kate at least seemed to be sincerely focused on blocking out haters and bullies, but a new tweet shows that she just wants to get even! Of course, what she calls hate, we call a reality check—as in, if you don’t want your kids to end up like Amanda Bynes, it’s time to turn off the camers, close down the Twitter, and learn what it means to be a mom. But in a seriously disgusting and hypocritical move, Kate retweeted a post from @Bullyblast, an account that claims to fight against bullying, but does so in all the wrong ways!

It’s important to note that Bullyblast is associated with the group Anonymous, which has been criticized in the past for posting the full names and street addresses of their cyberwar targets (we won’t get into what we think of them. Look them up and form your own opinions). The tweet reads, “Trolls FLIP OUT when they get trolled. Fun Fact: It’s 100% legal to post someone’s real & verified first/last name on OUR WEBSITE. Tick tock.”

Excuse me, but why is Kate promoting this? Does she want her fans to share the personal information of her haters so they can be physically targeted or bombarded with hate mail? Who said an eye for an eye only leaves the world blind? This sick approach to stop bullying just proves that Kate is completely delusional, and an unfit parent to boot. Jon Gosselin may have had some pretty gruesome affairs, but he’s starting to look like a pretty competent parent in comparison! Should Kate loose her kids before they turn out like the Kardashians?

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  • Terri Brunson

    I figured this out a lot time ago with Kate Gosselin…this nice nice mommy attitude to gain another television show, and uses bullying out of proportion and in the wrong way.

  • I really enjoyed this article but I want to clarify one important point. Those professed hackers threatened to deplete our bank accounts, hack our phones and expose our social security numbers. It was much more of a terrorist attack than tit for tat.

    • Stef24

      Is it true the local police/FBI got involved? I only read someone’s comment stating that….no clue if it’s true.

  • Stef24

    Why isn’t anyone following up with the latest on this story…the hackers have come forward to say that KATE contacted them and asked them to do all of this…to publish hater’s personal info…the hackers (allegedly) have all of the screen shots from Kate saved. If this is true, this is HUGE…and no one is picking up on this…!

  • Stef24

    Why isn’t anyone picking up on the latest info regarding this story? The hackers have come forward to say that KATE contacted them directly and asked them to do the hacking/posting of personal info and they have the screen shots to prove it. This is HUGE if it is indeed true!

  • Kate has been an evil tyrant bully herself since she had brown hair & 75 more pounds…really she is and always will be a fake famewhore