Kate Gosselin’s Showbiz Kids: On The Road To Fame

Kate Gosselin's Showbiz Kids: On The Road To Fame

Kate Gosselin has finally worked her way out of the spotlight, and now enjoys family time while maintaining contact with fans through a blog, Twitter, and a new weekly column on The Stir. But just because Kate has chosen a life of privacy doesn’t mean her kids want it too! Twelve-year-old twin Mady has been bitten by the acting bug, and is gearing up for a life of fame!

I’m watching music videos that Mady created/directed!She’s amazing!She and all of her brothers and sisters ‘star’ in them! They make me cry!” Kate tweeted this week. It’s an innocent enough project, for sure! What kid doesn’t love cameras, especially when the use of one is combined with bossing your siblings around! But we wonder if Mady’s thrill behind the lens is at all affected by her time in front of the camera while filming her mom and dad’s reality show.

I can’t help but point out another famous reality family that makes videos together—the Kardashians! Every year or so, they get together (normally while on vacation) and film sexy music videos. They even get the minors—Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner—involved. We doubt that Mady is directing her family to grind and splash around in bikinis, but the end result is the same: a family music video! This is the first we’ve heard about the interest from Kate, and, honestly, we hope it’s the last! It’s great if Mady wants to be an actress when she grows up, but for now it’s time to be a kid!

Kate may not be in the best position to lay down the law, however. In a recent blog post, she joked about the stress and horror of approaching her 40th birthday. This year, her set of twins, Mady and Cara, turn 13, which marks a change from childhood to dreaded teenage years! Can Kate keep it together? Do you think fame has scarred her family, or are they untouched by it? Is Mady’s work behind the camera telling of a desire to be famous?

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