Kate Middelton Baby MIDDLE Name Revealed – Honors Princess Diana but Camilla Parker-Bowles Furious

Kate Middelton Baby MIDDLE Name Revealed - Honors Princess Diana but Camilla Parker-Bowles Furious

Fifteen years after Princess Diana was killed in that horrific car accident in Paris Camilla Parker-Bowles is still playing second fiddle to her decades long nemesis. Camilla may have eventually married Prince Charles and it looks like she is fast tracking her way towards sitting atop the throne and being addressed as Queen, but in the minds of everyone Diana is still the real deal.

A few weeks ago CDL told you about how Camilla is furious over a new Diana film that is set to be released early this fall. This woman really just wishes that people would stop talking about the people’s princess and give her the respect that she doesn’t actually deserve, but continues to demand anyway. Today we’re hearing that Camilla is also enraged to hear that Kate Middleton and Prince William’s baby will be named in honor of Diana. Whether it is a prince or princess, the new heir will have Spencer as a middle name in honor of William’s late mother. Not only that but if it’s a girl Charlotte is said to be a leading contender and it’s a nod to Prince Charles as well.

That’s right, a princess may very well be named Charlotte Spencer after both Prince Charles and Princess Diana. No mention of evil Camilla in there anywhere and she is said to be livid to once again have her husband linked somewhere to his late wife. She hated Kate enough before this out of pure jealousy and now she is daring to insult Camilla by honoring Diana!

Can you imagine the resentment that Camilla will heap onto this baby if allowed near it? Luckily, at least at first Queen Elizabeth has ordered her to stay a mile away from Kate and the baby but that will eventually wear off. Then what? How will Kate and William handle the future Queen of England absolutely resenting their new baby? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Ali

    Camilla needs to get a grip. William’s mother will always be a part of his life- and it’s his right to honor her however she wishes.

  • thebutcher

    Everyone knows that he never liked her, why would he honor her at all? especially in his childs name

  • busybeeblogger

    Oh I like that name. Spencer is great as a middle name :-)

  • Nany

    It’s quite normal, Camilla has nothing to say about that. She’s not blood related to this child who will be Diana’s grandchild. I imagine how Diana would be thrilled by the birth, too sad she’s not here anymore :(

  • Camilla makes me wanna gag.

  • Victoria McGuire

    Camilla will never ever be called Queen, she is a Consort, in other words whore to Charles. William and Kate can honor his mother and the Queen will honor it.

  • Maureen

    So sad that Diana will never get to meet her grandchild. As for William leap frogging Charles to the throne, I think the only leg William would have to stand on is Charles and Diana’s divorce and Charles subsequent remarriage in a Civil ceremony. As for Kings and Princes taking mistresses, that is a custom as old as the monarchy itself. I think William and Harry have tolerated their step-mother well, but tolerating and honoring are two completely different things. As with many folks, there are many people that they choose to honor by naming a child after them. Parents and grandparents are popular choices, as are siblings. I really can’t think of anyone that would name their child after a step parent, especially since the step parent in question was a direct cause of the breakup of a family,