Kate Middleton and Prince William Fear Queen Elizabeth’s Abdication In Favor Of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles

Kate Middleton and Prince William Fear Queen Elizabeth’s Abdication In Favor Of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles

Yesterday, Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands abdicated her throne in favor of her son, Prince Willem-Alexander.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, it means she gave up her crown so her son can play a part in the monarchy.  This is not the first time a royal has relinquished their seat on the throne. Queen Beatrix’s mother and grandmother both renounced their title so their daughters could take over.  Nice gift.

So how could this effect Queen Elizabeth’s brood? Well, after Queen Beatrix’s news spread like wildfire many began to speculate that Queen Elizabeth would follow suit so that her son Prince Charles could take over the throne. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and Prince William are sure to be worried as no one really knows what is going on in Queen Elizabeth’s head right now.

Of course, the Duchess should be confident in her future since she has given the Queen the gift of a great-grandchild from her favorite grandson and future heir to the throne.  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… there’s no way Queen Elizabeth will ever allow Charles and his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles enjoy the title of King and Queen.  Never.  Apart from her own feelings, the public would go wild if she offered up the throne to Charles.  The people will not stand for it.  Their past as an adulterous couple cheating on the beloved Princess Diana will haunt them to their dying day.  A weak man like that will never earn the love and respect of his countrymen.

What do you think readers?  Will Queen Elizabeth abdicate the throne so that Prince Charles can know what it’s like to be the King?  Are Duchess Kate and Prince William more worried about the throne than the impending birth of their first child?  Does any of this matter to my favorite ginger, Prince Harry?  Does any one know when he’ll be playing “strip billiards” again?

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11 responses to “Kate Middleton and Prince William Fear Queen Elizabeth’s Abdication In Favor Of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles”

  1. Linda Cannon says:

    The next reigning monarch may will be the last the British empire will ever see. It would be a travesty to see Charles and Camilla the last to sit on the throne. I hope the Queen has the strength to bypass her son, in favor of William.

    • Opinynated says:

      Naw. That institution is here to stay, I think. Charles will be an enlightened King who will usher in many important changes. Camilla will be what she has always been, a devoted supporter of her husband. He will be King, she will be Queen Consort and then it will be William and his consort, Catherine. And so on.

      The Queen has proven herself unimpressed by the transient whims and wishes of the public, her eye always on the greater good and the bigger picture and one presumes she will remain in character.

      A bypass would be a sign of weakness, not of strength and Her Majesty is many things – weak is not one of them.

  2. Only a person who knows nothing about the English royal family would write this. And if you know nothing about this family, this country, and its history, why are you writing about it? The English royal succession is firmly established in the first born son of the reigning monarch. Queen Elizabeth could not change this without an act of Parliament even if she wanted to (which anyone who understands her sense of history and tradition would know she would not want to). Haven’t you been following the change in the succession laws in the Parliament that would allow a first born daughter to inherit the throne? Don’t you understand that overlooking Charles in the succession would require the same Parliamentary debate, and even if it happened, is not likely to apply to those already living? Jeez.

  3. Opinynated says:

    Ridiculous article. First, the Queen will never abdicate. Edward VII aside (and to some degree, because of him), abdication is not a thing the British Monarchs do, Second, as someone else states, it would require an act of parliament – and not just the British Parliament – but those of the Commonwealth countries as well.

    Charles has been a dedicated public servant for sixty years. His wife has been a dedicated public servant for seven. Whatever they may or may not have been up to during his marriage to Diana, is irrelevant. Frankly, evidence suggests Camilla will make a better consort than Diana would have.

    The Queen would stomp her mighty foot, I suspect, were anyone to suggest a passing over. In any case – Charles was born to the role, was trained for the role and will have the role. It is *his* by divine right, if you will – and certainly by historical, traditional and legal right.

    Not that I condone adultery – but since they both admitted to it – it became a bit of a moot point, did it not? I thought it sad that it was played out in the public but, honestly. after Diana’s ridiculous Panorama interview, I doubt any rational person would want her for Queen. As a subject of Her Majesty, I certainly did not consider Diana a fit for the role.

    The writer clearly thinks the Monarchy is like some sort of popularity contest. It is not. It is a thousand year old tradition that has survived much worse that an affair by the Prince of Wales. The people don’t get a say, actually. It is a Monarchy, not a republic and you get what you get in the order it comes.

  4. Royal Expert says:

    The author of this article CLEARLY has NO IDEA how the British Monarchy works. The very moment that Queen Elizabeth dies, Charles is the King. There is nothing the Queen can do to change that, because it is simply not her decision. The Act of Succession determines who accedes to the throne in what order. A constitutional amendment through a new Act of Parliament would be needed to bypass Charles, unless he voluntarily bypassed himself, which is unlikely. In fact, such a law would need to be enacted in all sixteen realm, of which Her Majesty is Sovereign.

    Officially speaking, Camila will become HRH the Princess (Consort) when Charles is King. It is possible though that she will become Queen – especially considering how popular she has become to the people of the UK.

    (By the way, you should know that polls show that over 70% of people think Prince Charles SHOULD become King after the Demise of the Crown.)

    The Queen will never abdicate. It’s simply not part of English tradition. Only one King has ever voluntarily abdicated, and it was Edward VIII in 1936. He almost ruined the Monarch and Elizabeth will not risk doing that. Things are different in the Netherlands. The Queen of the UK sees herself as being appointed by God, and she will remain Queen until He calls her away.

    • marlio says:

      Camilla POPULAR with the British people lol. WE arent stupid in america and we see how they DONT like her or him, for that matter. I imagine if the monarchy is at stake, Queen Elizabeth can do about Anything she decides needs to be DONE!! Hopefully Queen Elizabeth will outlive C and you guys wont have to worry about it.

    • Tammy Norton says:

      YOUR A ROYAL EXPERT ? do you know what an ex is ? do you know what a spert is ?
      Sounds like Camilla to me . id rather not think of that trash thanks can we talk about some one important How is the Queens health she has always been a lovely women………..

      • micmac says:

        Although it is fun to speculate, the law is the law. No changes to the Act of Succession can be made without it going through UK Parliament, Australian Parliament, NZ, Canada and eleven other governments. Unless UK government decides otherwise, Charles will be King.

  5. Tammy Norton says:

    According to many and there is info on this the Line Broke many yrs ago with an Illegitimate son . and the Hastings should be the Ruling party Now

  6. hetty says:

    HM will never abdicate!!!!