Kate Middleton Displays Baby Bump at Rehab Visit – “Hard Work” at Hope House (Photos)

Kate Middleton’s Displays Baby Bump at Rehab Visit - "Hard Work" at Hope House (Photos)

Today’s the big day! It’s February 19th, which means Kate Middleton’s back at “work” today. Wow – 50 days into the new year and she’s racked up a grand whole total of 2 days of work so far. And one of those days was to visit the National Portrait Gallery to view the unveiling of a portrait of… wait for it… HERSELF! Poor woman, that must have been SO taxing. No wonder she needed the luxury BIKINI holiday in Mustique to recover from it all.

Today she visited Action on Addiction – a residential center for women recovering from addiction in Southwest London that’s run by Hope House, one of the very few charities of which she’s a patron. Two whole hours spent smiling, flipping her hair, showing off her engagement ring, nodding politely while feigning interest in the broken lives of lowly commoners.

Wow. SO hard. What a life.

I wonder what the women at Hope House really think of her, this woman who is so far removed from their lives and totally unrelatable. What kind of advice could Kate possibly give them? How to avoid working for 10+ years while you wait for your prince to propose? How to marry a wealthy and well-connected man? Doubtful, if her entire conversation with them followed these enlightening and intelligent comments from the Duchess of Dolittle:

“’At least the sun is out,’ she said as she readjusted her dress.”

“As she chatted to women in an art therapy class, she told one of them: ‘Well done for getting sober.’”

Those are some seriously precious pearls of wisdom. They must be so pleased at Hope House that Waity came to tell them the sun is out. As per usual, the rest of the report is all about what she’s wearing – because, as per usual, there’s nothing else to report with her.

Interestingly, only a small number of people turned out to greet Dolittle. Seems like people are getting fed up with her endless jet setting lifestyle and this absolute silliness that the palace PR spin doctors are passing off as Kate “working,” while everyone else struggles through long, hard hours at difficult jobs with bosses breathing down their necks just to pay their bills for life’s basic necessities.

Maybe the palace PR goons will have her fall ill again with HG or some other pregnancy-related illness to try to score some sympathy points with the public. Kate couldn’t care less what the public thinks of her, though, I’m sure. She’s likely back at Kensington Palace relaxing after her exhausting day of “work” and planning her next holiday.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet and Star Magazine