Kate Middleton’s Baby Will Have Prince Harry As An “Uncle Buck”

Kate Middleton’s Baby Will Have Prince Harry As An "Uncle Buck"

We’ve all seen the naked photos from Prince Harry’s wild night in Vegas. A lot of high collar types have gotten upset over their circulation, but my only complaint is why are they so pixilated? The year is 2013! Is there no computer software that can clean them up? Prince Harry has made a name for himself as a party prince, despite two tours during wartime with the British Army. Harry returned to England earlier this month after spending five months in Afghanistan as an Apache Helicopter pilot, and while abroad he gave his first interview regarding his party ways.

It was a classic example of me being too much army and not enough prince,” he explained, making us wonder just what else the British Army gets up to. In all seriousness, Harry is only 28, and is just starting to adjust to the three roles he must play: Harry, Prince Harry, and Pilot Harry. Just because he’s started to act wisely doesn’t mean this is the end of naughty Harry, in fact, we predict it’s only the beginning!

Harry has officially gone on record as thrilled uncle-to-be. It’s hard to say when precisely he found out about brother Prince William and sister-in-law Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, but either way, he “can’t wait” to be an uncle. Harry’s always been a family man, but is out of luck when it comes to finding a bride who will stand by his scandals. Now, he’ll have a baby to borrow whenever he likes!

Most grandparents look forward to spoiling upon grandbabies, but I don’t expect to hear Queen Elizabeth II singing “goochy coochey goo!” to the royal infant. Fortunately, Harry will be around with his easy smile and can-do attitude to make royal life more tolerable for the tot. Harry will, no doubt, be the uncle who is always sneaking biscuits and candies before dinnertime. Do you expect Harry to make a good uncle, or will his wild-child ways make him banned from the nursery?

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