Pippa Middleton Acting Out In Public Because Kate Middleton Won’t Let Her Announce Engagement?

Pippa Middleton Acting Out In Public Because Kate Middleton Won't Let Her Announce Engagement? 0707

It’s been a slow morning. It’s Breakfast At Wimbledon – Novak Djokovic vs. Andy Murray. It’s looking good for Murray so far and if he wins he’ll be the first Brit in 77 years to take the title. That’s why I’ve been a little worried this weekend for a Kate Middleton baby. A British Wimbledon winner and the heir to the throne all in the same day?? Anglophile that I am, even I can’t take that much Englishness. So wait it out Kate. Keep that baby in there one more week for the world’s sake.

But Kate isn’t the only one being asked to wait. Word is out the Pippa Middleton engagement is on hold until the royal heir is out and about. Sources told the Daily Mail Pippa is confident Nico Jackson is the one but they’ve been told to relax on announcing their wedding so they don’t steal any of the spotlight away from Kate and the baby. Really? Is that even possible? Perhaps Pippa and Nico are waiting because they don’t want to compete with the baby for the attention. He seems like he kinda likes it, don’t you think?

So does this go along with the whole “Pippa needs to tone down the famewhoring” thing? She and Nico weren’t really taking heed a few days ago at the Wimbledon men’s semi-finals. They were very touchy-feely in the stands knowing full well they were being papped. I wonder if they’re basically saying screw it and acting out since they can’t go public like they want to. Or maybe Nico is into PDAs. I kinda think Nico likes the attention the PDAs give him. Regardless, it looks like this will be another banner year for the Middletons. We might have a baby AND another wedding. I’m not complaining. It’s not like this will be Pippa’s only wedding anyway!


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