Kate Middleton Birth Induced Like Princess Diana’s With Prince William?

Kate Middleton Birth Induced Like Princess Diana’s With Prince William?

Not many people know this, but People Magazine just released a report about how Prince William’s birth was induced.

Princess Diana reportedly told her ‘confidant’ Andrew Morton, “[William’s birth] had to be induced, because I couldn’t handle the press pressure any longer, it was becoming unbearable. It was as if everybody was monitoring every day for me.”

Apparently, UK doctors try not to rush their patients into getting induced until the baby’s been due for over ten days, but it’s still a little over a week since Kate Middleton’s rumored due date. Even then, there’s an expectation that’s been set for Kate, and no doubt she’s feeling similar to how Diana felt. After all, she is giving birth to the person that will inherit the throne to one of the oldest and most powerful monarchies in the world. No pressure.

Apparently, in Diana’s case, everyone involved was making plans for her. Diana also added, “They wanted a Caesarean, no one told me this until afterwards. Anyway, the boy arrived, great excitement.” 

Again, a caesarean is also something UK doctors avoid unless the baby’s very late and the family insists on it. There were reports about Kate insisting on a natural birth, but if Kate is feeling the pressure the same way Diana is and the birth ends up being difficult, I don’t see how they will be able to stick to that plan.

At least Kate actually has a loving and supporting husband by her as she goes into labor. Diana didn’t even have that in Prince Charles, and she pretty much says so as well. When she was talking to Andrew Morton about the birth, she also added, “When we had William we had to find a date in the diary [on the calendar] that suited him and his polo.” A clear jab against her then husband, Prince Charles, who reportedly left immediately after the birth of his son to go back to his beloved polo.

Kate Middleton Birth Induced Like Princess Diana’s With Prince William?

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  • Ali

    How sad…William’s dad running off for sports. Shame.

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  • Angel 2009

    Hope Kate will be able to follow the birth plan she wants and it’s a plus that William is so supportive. The last couple of weeks are the worst – wishing her well.

  • Victoria McGuire

    Kate & William want a natural birth and won’t be pushed into an inducement even to pleas the Queen. I can’t imagine the Queen even requesting that.

  • Judy007

    Nevermind induced. I think in this day and age such big babies should be delivered by ceasarean sections.