Kate Middleton Delivering Baby Boy In Hometown Hospital, Says No To Royal Birth!

Kate Middleton Delivering Baby Boy In Hometown Hospital, Says No To Royal Birth! 0429

Who can blame Kate Middleton for being particular about her hospital? The last time she went to a royally recommended London one a nurse ended up committing suicide. It’s no wonder then that Kate is bucking royal tradition once again and opting to deliver her baby close to the same hospital she and sister, Pippa Middleton, were born.

According to The Telegraph, Kate Middleton delivering near her hometown is also a matter of geography. It’s being widely whispered that Kate will not only spend the first six weeks post-birth at her parents’ place, but she’ll also be spending most of her time at the end of her pregnancy there as well. So it makes sense to go to a hospital nearby when the time comes to  gift everyone with that little prince.

But Kate won’t be free of all her Windsor constraints. Her labor will still be overseen by Alan Farthing, the Queen’s surgeon-gynecologist.

Logistically, I wasn’t sure if this made sense or if Prince William and Kate moaned until they got their way again. Berkshire isn’t that far away from London, right? So it shouldn’t take the doc to get anywhere after a phone call is made? I just wonder how the hospital will deal with all the attention. I’m sure it will take the next three months to get everything running smoothly for the event. I just keep picturing Princess Diana and Prince Charles walking out of the hospital with the baby for pictures. Will Kate and William do the same? Will Berkshire be ready for that sort of massive exposure because you know people will travel to be there!

What do you think of the Kate Middleton/Berkshire hospital decision? Not very trophy wife, is it? I wonder if royalists out there are annoyed at the baby’s less than royal beginnings? Will the Queen travel to Berkshire to see the baby? Will Carole Middleton host the Queen at her place? Ahhh! All these common firsts are making my head spin!

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2 responses to “Kate Middleton Delivering Baby Boy In Hometown Hospital, Says No To Royal Birth!”

  1. […] is a little surprising since it was widely spread that Kate wanted to have her baby at a hospital close to her parents’ place in Berkshire […]

  2. Maureen says:

    I do admire the Duchess’ spunk. When the engagement was announced, it was also announced that it would be Catherine’s last Christmas with her family, as the Royals are obliged to spend Christmas with the Queen. Not only did Catherine spend last Christmas with her family, the Second in line to the Throne followed suit. After birth, history dictates that the new mother and baby be whisked away to Kensington Palace. Not so with this little bundle of joy. The baby will be spending the first six weeks with his or her parents at the Middleton family home. *gasps* This isn’t a shy, 20 year old kindergarten assistant they’re dealing with. This is a confident, educated woman. While the late Princess of Wales breathed new life into the Monarchy, the Duchess of Cambridge is poised to kick the Monarchy in the pants so hard that it bounces into this century. Good on you, Duchess.