Kate Middleton Horrified By Look-Alike Doll, Hates How Hair Looks

Kate Middleton Horrified By Look-Alike Doll, Hates How Hair Looks 0405

You can say a whole bunch of things about the Cambridges not being the first to jump in line to work but when they do actually take off from their vacations they do the job right. They are so much fun to watch it’s no wonder no one hardly bothers to cover Charles and Camilla anymore (though, really, did they ever?). And they pack the excitement in there, don’t they? In just two days in Scotland, Kate Middleton has already let us in on the fact the baby is due (mid July); she hasn’t chosen a name yet; she’s going on maternity leave in June and she can’t shoot a basketball to save her life. It’s fine. It’s not like many Englishmen can. Damn she and Prince William are good! It’s all scheduled and very much a part of the plan but it’s still good. Well, most of it is scheduled anyway.

On her walkabout outside Dumfries House this morning a little girl presented Kate with her look-alike doll that was sold quickly after her engagement and Kate couldn’t fake the smile on that one. According to the Daily Mail she looked horrified and said, “No! Oh no, is that me? Is that meant to be me? Does my hair really look like that?!”

Kate Middleton horrified! I told you! So vain! Especially about the hair. She loves her hair. It’s her thing. I was actually just thinking about her hair recently (yes I do that). Remember when she cut the chunky bangs right before she announced the pregnancy? They didn’t last long, did they? She’s made a point to sweep them behind her ears whenever she has her hair down. For those of you holding out hope that Kate will chop off those curled locks for a more sensible/adult/mom haircut you’ve got another thing coming. Her hair is her trademark. It’s staying. I wonder if she’ll do something about the doll’s hair though….

What do you think of the Duchess’s (or Countess in Scotland) reaction to the Kate Middleton doll? Is it adorable or insightful or both? Oh, it’s almost the weekend. Let’s go with both!


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4 responses to “Kate Middleton Horrified By Look-Alike Doll, Hates How Hair Looks”

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  3. Karen Bolick says:

    Her hair is freaking gorgeous!! If I had hair like that I wold never cut it either!!!!

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