KATE MIDDLETON RUSHED TO HOSPITAL IN LABOR – Baby Being Born Now In Lupo Wing St. Mary’s Hospital


Kate Middleton is finally in labor!!! I’m so excited and tired but excited. I refuse to go to sleep until the birth is announced. So as many are exclaiming across social media “Push Kate, PUSH!!!”

The first anyone knew of her labor was all thanks to Jesal Parshotam who just happen to catch sight of Kate when she entered the hospital shortly after 6 am local time, with Prince William in tow. A lot of people were playing it safe and waiting to receive word from the official offices but it was too late. Once people knew they were there they woke up Kensington Palace! Otherwise KP and Clarence House wouldn’t have sent word until hours later. So sending thanks to all across the royal fandom and media. If it weren’t for you I would have died waiting an extra hour and an half.

Now all we have to do is hope that Mama Middleton was wrong about the baby being a Leo. No one can wait until tomorrow to find out about the future king or queen. Quick labor is what we need. But more importantly we’ve all endured the Great Kate Wait long enough. I’ve barely slept since late June. And no I’m not snapping at Kate. I’m sleep deprived and  mad at mother nature.

Congratulations to the duke and duchess! Please stop at an heir and spare and no more!