Kate Middleton Early Labor Concerns Make Prince William Rush Home After Polo Match

Kate Middleton Early Labor Concerns Make Prince William Rush Home After Polo Match

What a day for Prince William! As the world seemed to simultaneously realize that Kate Middleton’s labor day has arrived Wills took serious heat for daring to play in a Polo match rather than sitting beside his wife, no doubt watching the clock and waiting for sudden twinges. He had already committed to play in the Kent & Curwen Royal Polo Cup in Sydmonton, England with Prince Harry and decided to fulfill that obligation while Kate likely is resting comfortably at home.

Needless to say, once the match ended William left quickly and headed the sixty miles home to Kensington Palace to be with his ready to pop wife. I understand the concern about his willingness to travel those miles but let’s be realistic here. If he were to get a call that Kate was in labor I’m betting he wouldn’t need to drive for an hour, he would likely take a 5 minute helicopter ride instead!

Also, let’s remember this is their first child which means that it is unlikely to be in any rush to make its grand entrance. A multitude of first babies are born well past their due dates and many require induction because eventually staying in too long turns into a toxic environment. In other words, it could be another 10 days before Kate is admitted to the hospital and doctors advise couples to continue with their lives until it really is time to meet their baby!

Do you think that William should have skipped today’s polo match and stayed at Kensington Palace with Kate? I’m betting she was in very capable hands should her water have broken but it seems fairly clear that this isn’t going to be the royal heir’s birthday! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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