Kate Middleton Shops For Maternity Clothes – Prepares To Pack On The Pounds With Spandex Jeans

Kate Middleton Shops For Maternity Clothes - Prepares To Pack On The Pounds With Spandex Jeans

Kate Middleton is getting prepped for when that pregnancy weight starts piling on – by going shopping for jeggings – perfect maternity wear for the tall and lanky Kate. [Since jeggings are typically made of a denim/spandex blend, they are often worn on their own as opposed to under a skirt or dress. Some jeggings have front fastening facilities while others just have an elastic waistband and no pockets.]  People Magazine reports that Kate went out shopping for a simple pair of jeggings, but she couldn’t couldn’t find anything in her size  – more accurately, the correct leg length – so didn’t buy anything.

The real surprising news in this article is that Kate went shopping for the jeggings at Gap, which is not somewhere you would expect to stroll in and find a Royal perusing the same outfits as you.  In fact, royals are generally more likely to be found shopping at Harrods than the Gap, but Kate’s not like the rest of them, is she?  She likes her Top Shop and T.J. Maxx just as much as the rest of them, and is often found wearing ‘civilian’ clothes, likely much to the displeasure of her mother-in-law, nasty Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Kate is reportedly still feeling weak after her recent bout of acute morning sickness, but it’s good to see her out and about.  While she didn’t find the right pair of jeggings, she did make a stop at Pret A Manger for a snack to boost up her strength.  Kate definitely needs her energy for the months coming up; although she’s been ordered more bed rest and Prince William will be at her side throughout most of the pregnancy, those who suffer from acute morning sickness tend to have a tougher pregnancy than most.  In addition, while the press and the public attention may not stop her from going out and going shopping, they may start becoming more than just a nuisance as her due date draws closer.

Until then, let’s wish the Duchess of Cambridge Happy Hunting for her perfect pair of jeggings, and hope that she eventually finds them, although probably not at the Gap.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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