Kate Middleton Plastic Surgery: Favorite Fan Choice For Nose Jobs (Photos)

Kate Middleton Plastic Surgery: Favorite Fan Choice For Nose Jobs (Photos)

Since marrying Prince William we’ve watched Kate Middleton transform herself from uncomfortable royal to a woman that can handle Royal engagements with class and style. She has quickly and swiftly carried herself to the top of the list when it comes to the most beloved royals and it seems that everyone pays attention to her. Women worldwide wish that they could be Kate and in turn, settle for emulating her.

I don’t think anyone was too surprised when Kate would wear a dress and it would fly off the racks within the next two days. The lady has great taste and tends to mix high and low pieces so a lot of what she wears actually is somewhat affordable. It seems that millions of women aren’t stopping at just dressing like the Duchess, they’re also using her facial features as well!  According to data recently released by Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group, Kate has the perfect nose- so perfect that it’s the most requested facial feature in the U.K. Last year!

Why would women walk into a surgeon’s office asking to have a nose job with the finished product resembling Kate’s natural nose? Well, according to Dr. Edward Miranda Kate “has a nice angle between the upper lip and the nasal tip, with a minimal amount of visible nostril from both the front and the sides. It’s also proportionate to her face.”

Here’s what I’m wondering, did all of these women think that they needed a nose job before Kate? Or is it just a weird way to emulate the iconic duchess?  Would you ever revamp a body part and trade it in for a new variation that looked similar to a particular celebs? Have you considered it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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