Kate Middleton Could Ruin Monarchy With Pregnant Lesbian Daughter

Kate Middleton Could Ruin Monarchy With Pregnant Lesbian Daughter 0314

Yes, I wrote that title and yes it was actually a serious discussion. I wish I could make nonsense like that up.

Kate Middleton’s daughter (Princess Elizabeth Diana Carole, if you believe Us magazine!) keeps causing trouble as the royal succession laws are up for debate in parliament. The whole idea is basically to ensure that Kate and Prince William’s daughter can take the throne if she is born before a brother. I thought that was pretty much the end of it and a no brainer. I was incredibly and naively wrong.

Because what if Kate’s girl is a dang ‘ole lesbian? What if she and her partner decide they want to be artificially inseminated? According to The Telegraph, in the wake of new same-sex marriage laws and a potential lesbian Queen, Lord True proposed changes to the bill to explicitly define an heir to the body as the product of a heterosexual marriage. I obviously love royalty and English history but my Americanism is seeping out of my skin on this one. I can’t believe parliament actually brought this up. Don’t get me wrong, our House and Senate have their problems right now but this is mind boggling. It’s progressive I guess but so… personal.

The current law states that the “heir must be the natural-born child of a husband and wife” and, despite Lord True’s arguments, parliament decided they weren’t going to change that wording anytime soon. So if Kate’s girl dabbles in the lady pond she’s shit out of luck. This is quasi-insulting. Why has it never come up for the men? It’s not like England hasn’t had its share of gay kings. I guess up until now it was unheard of for one of them to publicly come out though. We’re probably still far away from that for anybody who wears the crown. The people freaked out over having a common Queen for a bit can you image having a lesbian one? No, I think that’s a few years down the road. The Queen still forces all the women to wear pantyhose for God’s sake. Still… wacky….

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  • Ebo

    It’s “throne”, not “thrown” & no, I couldn’t “image” a lesbian queen. Journalism school anyone?

  • JGM1764


  • Carney3

    In general women look much better in pantyhose than bare-legged. More elegant, polished, finished, and dressed-up. Thank goodness the Queen keeps up some standards. The Duchess not only looks gorgeous in sheer hose, she has helped spark a revival in wearing them among younger British women – sales have skyrocketed. Still they never dropped as low as they have here in America in the first place – the Europeans just dress better and aren’t as much into sloppy-casual.

  • waitykate

    kate is the lesbian

  • waitykate

    middleton is a mess

  • waitykate

    middleton is a boring thing, largest accomplishment in 31 years was to get pregnant – big deal –

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  • Gianmarco Sabato

    well Billy has NO biological children – so who cares if harlot turns gay