GLOBE: Prince William Named KING – Queen Elizabeth Reacts To Royal Baby as Shocking Scandal Dooms Prince Charles! (PHOTO)

GLOBE: Prince William Named KING - Queen Elizabeth Reacts To Royal Baby!

Remember a few months ago when we told you that Camilla Parker-Bowles was threatening to drop serious details on Prince Charles’ gay lovers if he was not ensured his spot on the throne as the next king? Well it looks like Queen Elizabeth may not allow Camilla to bully her into any decisions at all! Prince Charles was once a popular fixture in Britain but over the last 20 years his popularity has crumbled as has his common sense. Instead of focusing on serious issues he has been known to send rambling letters about nonsense and is clearly not in touch with the needs of the commoners. Then there’s the fact that he married his mistress of 3 decades. Making Camilla his wife didn’t right any of the moral wrongs that he committed against the beloved Princess Diana, dropping Charles’ respect level even further.

Furthermore, Elizabeth hates Camilla and dreads the thought that she would be Charles’ Queen.  Besides being a scheming adulteress, Cam has a reputation as a nasty drunk.  GLOBE reported recently how cruel Camilla made Kate cry, just before her delivery, by promising her that once she gave birth William would cheat on her just like his father did on Diana.

According to the August 5th print edition of GLOBE magazine, Prince William may indeed be bypassing his father to sit atop the throne! It was reported by the outlet months ago that Queen Elizabeth truly wants Prince William and Kate Middleton to rule Britain because they are respected and have a good handle on the needs of the people. She supposedly promised William that he would be King if he and Kate produced an heir and that obviously happened earlier this week! For a while it seemed as though Camilla’s threats may have pushed the Queen’s decision back a bit in Charles’ favor – but that was short term and destroyed once Kate gave birth. Elizabeth has been a power house and she loves her country so it is believable to think that she might be willing to sacrifice Charles’ feelings and future for the greater good. After all, he made his own bed right?

Also in the latest issue of GLOBE you’ll find a photo tribute to Elvis’s first record! Take a look back at the legend’s top songs and films as only GLOBE can offer it.

GLOBE also has horrifying pictures of Sally Struthers looking like the fat lady at a circus.  Allegedly Archie Bunker’s formerly cute daughter has put on another 50 pounds!  What’s wrong with the All In The Family star, is planning to audition for The Biggest Loser, Celebrity Edition?

There will be tons of coverage of the royal birth at the newsstands this week but the August 5th print edition of GLOBE ultimately stands out! Not only does GLOBE cover every detail of the royal birth but they alone have the inside Palace sources that provide us with a true picture of what’s really going on. Only GLOBE explains how  William becoming King instead of the bumbling Prince Charles may now be possible! GLOBE has all of the competition beat so grab yourself a copy now!  I know that once I get my copy I’ll be able to provide our Celeb Dirty Laundry readers with  amazing details on all the latest Palace intrigue.

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  • Chris

    “Bring joy to dying Queen”, wasn’t that just worded nicely on the cover?

  • Ali

    That cover is pure rubbish! But if that were to happen, Charles being bypassed…talk about tough love.

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  • Victoria McGuire

    Don’t we wish she will turn her crown to William, he and kate would be much better rulers and also much better looking.

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  • ellie

    King Charles, a most beautiful soul ever, will the a blessing for Britain and the world! Hopefully, Britain grows up from soapy operette of degenerated attention seeker Diana, from shameful double standards: Charles must be highly respected for following his heart and standing by the one he loved, however unpopular it was. He was caught in the mediaval obligation to marry someone ‘royal’, he hoped he might start loving Diana, but could not. Diana was untouchable repugnant self obsessed uncultured degenerated manual labourer unable to pass GCSEs at both attempts but so full of herself. She jumped into opportunity out of manual labour she and any other at her real capabilities would spend the rest of the life, into an easy rich life she did not deserve. Instead of cultivating herself and reading, studying, doing courses, etc to become at least slightly more interesting person she only spent time on trying new dresses and sitting and waiting for super attention she did not deserve.

    I am shocked how such a low person as her could ever dare for Charles’ attention – she had nothing to offer. Her arrogance was obvious – she believed that her ‘higher than Charles’ origin was enough to have his affection. Her male hips, male arms, male muscular legs, despite heavy airbrushing on photos, total absence of taste, stupid male hairdos, made her extremely untouchable. She was a slut going with anyone, bringing boys in her car whom she asked to lie low hiding on the bottom, adjacent casino security told me. Repugnant person in any sense. She just had a clever PR team who invented a ‘charity’ image for her – or how else would she have grabbed people’s attention. She obviously took acting lessons, acting sympathetic roles. All these PR stunces are fake if she continued living super riich life at the public expenses to which she would have never been entitled had she participated in a fair competition: she had no talents, intelligence, personality, character, calling, virtues, beauty – nothing, to be in any slight way above any one else with her level. All this cheap soap opera personage wanted was attention at any cost. Someone needed to destroy the Royal family and that attention seeker was a convenient candidate. She knew that her marriage was not a true one: she offered herself to Charles when her more attractive sister rejected his advances. It was done as a business, trade from her side. She knew he was not attracted to her. She needed to escape her cleaning job and shady existence.That was an extremely calculating woman with no morals. She well understood Charles being ensnared into the tradition and played upon hoping to manipulate him. I do not understand how and why the British public did not understand all that?! It was all written in that plain manipulative face of a calculating factory worker decided she is above anyone else having nothing to offer personality wise. I cannot understand how anyone cannot pass the easiest in the world GCSEs – how dumb, degenerated one must be. Everything is repugnant about that debil.

    And here we are, her son is as low as herself – attracted to a professional whore with a male body, Twiggy Middleton. That one as well, did not care to do anything for 12 years, or at least pretend to, was happily living of sex services. Service to the country, like Queen have been doing ? Well, Charles does feel the responsibiity, that is why he makes an effort to do the good, save beauty – not just being a celebrity like degenerated William with his professional prostitute.

    Camilla should be respected for not ordering photoshop/aibrushiig of her photos, like Twiggy Middleton does, where Twiggy has whole new legs, arms, face – this hermaphrodite is ugly, miserable wrinkled 58 year old looking on short goat legs, male body in reality.

    Charles and Camilla lived the true passionate romance being faithful for 30+ years, Diana offered her body without love, Twiggy The Whore did even worse: prostituted using the lowest technique, anus, to keep William, as most successful, lowest prostitutes do, as normal women would not.

    It’s about the time people stopped being hypocritical about Charles and Camilla. I love both dearly, with all my heart, my hat off to them for being sincere, for not going into lies and pretences, for being what they are.

    Additionally, older King and Queen are much better, and later, it should be Harry and his most beautiful Cressida, who looks English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish in one! She is a breath of fresh air, so full of talent, beauty, so does not care what they say about her, is such a free spirit. She is so much like Camilla who also never played fake, always stayed true to herself. Cressida could be Camilla’s daughter, and Harry looks and feels so much like Charles! Absolutely adorable and loved by everyone in Britain and abroad. They will truly save the Monarchy, which is the greatest British treasure. People absolutely hate Twiggy The Whore, internet is full of derogative names for her (would have been much more negative comments, but disabled). Middleton the calculative prostitute will destroy the monarchy, she got there by fraud only, pretending to live a modest ordinary life, pushing a supermarket trolley, but instead has servants and is on holidays permanently, not caring about the baby’s needs.