Prince William and Kate Middleton Threatened by Prince Harry’s Royal Success

Prince William and Kate Middleton Threatened by Prince Harry’s Royal Success

Prince William is sweating – but not because he’s working oh-so-hard “playing” at being a Search and Rescue pilot. His brother, Prince Harry, has been turning out to be the more popular royal – people even say “Harry for King,” something Princess Diana even echoed when she nicknamed her youngest son “Good King Harry.”

And now, with Haz’s super success in Lesotho supporting the charity he set up – something Will has never done – Harry is once again outshining Big Willy on the world stage. And Will hates it when his brother does better than him. The sense of competition between the two is palpable in video interviews where Will always downplays Harry’s achievements. Will has a track record of making Harry look bad to make himself look better than the lazy sorry a** he is. Usually, when Harry’s done something really well or received an award in recognition of his good efforts, Will has to outshine his news by putting his horse face in the press ASAP.

And now, since Will has Kate Middleton – a.k.a. Lazy Katie – at his side he looks even more like the slacker he really is who only chooses the glitziest galas to attend as his royal “charity” work. What’s the betting that horsey will have his palace pr goons put something out there ASAP about how he’s rescued an old lady off the coast of Wales as part of his S&R work, or how Saint Kate has been doing more charity “work” – whatever passes for work for the royal family, because we all know they’re very good at making a few days of work a month look like a “lot” of work. And of course Kate’s work is always done quietly “behind-the-scenes” – translation: nonexistent.

Poor Harry. He’d do well to distance himself as far away as possible from the creepy Cambridges. And now that he’s gone public with his latest girlfriend – Blue-blooded blonde Cressida Bonas – he should keep his eyes peeled in case Kate and mother Carole Middleton cast a curse on him to ensure that Pippa Middleton will be a princess just like big sis Kate. I’m sure some dark magic was used to scale the lengths of the social ladder and get Kate into Willy’s bed. After all, Carole can’t possibly be happy with Pippa’s new commoner boyfriend, can she?

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  • I read this story earlier and had my doubts. But, then I just read the headline that Prince William just rescued lost hikers, I fell out, as I remembered this post. Funny & definately ironic. Love Prince Harry. He’s the best.

  • LadyPancakes

    Good King Harry! Thats how Diana used to call him. he would be great as King. Will and his wife look more like Lazy and lazier each day.