Kate Middleton’s Final Moments Before Giving Birth – Developments For The “Very Strong Team” (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton's Final Moments Before Giving Birth - So Many Developments For The "Very Strong Team"

Kate Middleton appears to be a bundle of joy herself these days while waiting to give birth to a precious baby. This being the first child for Kate and Prince William tension remains very high, and understandably would so, even if the baby were not going to be the third in line for the British Throne. Meanwhile, we checked out some of the succinct suggestions from the royal family’s fans. Numerous preconceived notions about Kate’s best options surrounding the royal heir and speculations of her childbirth method make up the majority of fans’ concerns.

Some of the notions are “Will The Baby Arrive Today?” In light of this, surely the primary hospital, St. Mary’s in London has to be on exclusive call to deliver Kate’s baby.

In addition, what better way to have a celebration than to make a life-sized cake with the “Duchess of Cambridge holding a baby?” A royal dessert is another wonderful notion to showcase a highly anticipated birth.  Nothing we have experienced since Princess Diana had her two chaps “three decades ago.

One development is that a change of hospital is an excellent notion in case of an emergency. Why not have this plan strategically worked out because sometime babies like to set their own due date and be birthed on their own time clock?

Certainly, the perimeter of St. Mary’s is littered with media and photographers canvassing in bushes, vehicles and tents scoping for a major shot of some of the process.

The notion of a C-Section is an option that Kate may consider since this is her first baby. However, this decision is predicated mostly on what the doctors perceive as necessary medical factors.

Indeed, this is a wonderful time and a remarkable pregnancy experience for Kate and husband Prince William – but what notions do they have for baby names? Just to get in on all the excitement how many will look around on Ancestry.co.uk and choose a name you deem appropriate for a Prince and Duchess’s baby? Why not?

Kate Middleton impersonator created a stunt outside on July 19th outside of The Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s where the real Kate Middleton will probably give birth. 

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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