Kate Middleton Baby Name: Expect Another “Boy George” – See The Odds

Kate Middleton Baby Name: Expect Another "Boy George" - See The Odds

With the world’s drums rolling in anticipation of the Royal Baby,  Pippa Middleton continues to eject herself into the royal limelight trying to find a blue blooded mate. Camera crews are planted outside the hospital, and poor Prince William continues to bald prematurely.

The beautiful girl next door, Kate Middleton, is living a real life fantasy, and has everyone on the edge of there seats awaiting the arrival of the Royal college sweethearts’ new baby.  Pacing the floor, pulling our hair, and biting our nails, we all wonder the gender and name the couple has chosen.

Here’s the British bookies latest odds, as quoted in the Mirror:


Alexandra, 4/1
Charlotte or Victoria, 6/1
Diana or Elizabeth, 8/1
Mary, 12/1
Alice, 16/1

George, 10/1
James, Philip or Alexander, 20/1
Richard or Louis, 25/1
Charles, John, Edward or David, 33/1
William, Spencer, Andrew, Henry, Robert, Michael, Stephen, Rupert, Hugh, Frederick, Oliver, Arthur, or Albert, 50/1

Since it’s impossible to  assume a ‘boy’ would be better suited and more respected, and a ‘girl’ would skinny dip naked like her mom and auntie – we suggest ‘George’.  “Boy George” that is.

Kate Middleton Baby Name: Expect Another "Boy George" - See The Odds

Just like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’sShiloh’, let’s all hope this baby is as free as the ground breaking Grammy winner himself.  ‘George’ can be used for a boy, girl, or  for a girly boy.    In 2006, in an episodic documentary directed by Simon George titled The Madness of Boy George, George declared on camera he was “militantly gay”.  This heir will represent a new generation of flamboyant costumes, guy liner, and permission to be who you really are.  Imagine great-grandma Queen Elizabeth’s and step-granny Camilla Parker-Bowles’ faces when the kid decides he’s metrosexual?

Kate Middleton Baby Name: Expect Another "Boy George" - See The Odds