Kate Middleton Recycles Same Green Coat For Same Event Two Years In A Row – Lazy Or Cute?

Kate Middleton Recycles Same Green Coat For Same Event Two Years In A Row - Lazy Or Cute? 0317

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And to celebrate we’re getting our second sighting of Kate Middleton this weekend! Would you ever have thought that could happen? Something’s up with the Duchess. She must have got a royal sitting down by the Queen or she started reading the newspaper because her working is getting out of hand. I know, technically, she didn’t work at the horse festival on Friday but she was still dressed to impress. I’m not so sure if she was this time around though.

Don’t get me wrong. She looked adorable as she attended the St. Patrick’s Day parade with Prince William and handed out shamrocks to the 1st Battalion Irish Guards at Mons Barracks in Aldershot, Hampshire. She did the same thing last year on her own. She even got her heel caught in the grate in the ground which was kinda adorable as she laughed at herself. It’s nice to see any kind of spontaneity with her at these things. But did she have to wear the same green Emilia Wickstead dress coat she wore last St. Patrick’s Day? Kate Middleton recycles. We know this. Her people beat us over the head with it. But the same coat at the same event two years in a row? I don’t care that you altered it to fit the bump. That’s just lazy. You’re telling me you don’t have anything else green you could wear? Come on Kate! I know you don’t want to be a fashionista but this bothers me for some reason. I don’t know why! It just does! She knew we’d pull from last year’s photos. She knew they’d go side by side in the newspapers. How could she not know that it would be mentioned? Now her coat is getting more play than the fact that she’s actually working. I’m not sure if it was the smartest decision. Am I nitpicking? Maybe. But when you only work a handful of times a year it wouldn’t be the worst thing to mix up the wardrobe a little bit more. Just saying….

I hope we get the new pics today. If we do I’ll post them for you all. Kate’s baby bump is out loud and proud in that coat. I wonder if that was the real reason for the recycling.


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One response to “Kate Middleton Recycles Same Green Coat For Same Event Two Years In A Row – Lazy Or Cute?”

  1. terri says:

    what’s the big deal? it’s actually admirable that she would ‘recycle’ the same clothes. If she likes it, what’s wrong with that? only snobs and fashionistas care about such things