Kate Middleton To Stop Shopping Long Enough To Make Dying Girl’s Dream Come True?

Kate Middleton To Stop Shopping Long Enough To Make Dying Girl's Dream Come True? 0203

Kate Middleton was spotted shopping again this week! And Jesus Christ she was wearing a poncho! Don’t look at me I’m just shopping incognito but I’m going to wear a huge ass shawl so everyone speculates how huge my bump is! Biotch please, you still ain’t got no bump and throwing a giant ugly tartan blanket over it isn’t fooling anyone. And you still aren’t fooling me that you’re doing charity work behind the scenes now that you’re feeling better. Riddle me this all you Kate apologists, why does Kate do all her shopping out in the open yet does charity work where no one can see? That seems counter-intuitive, yes? Just asking….

Well, you have a chance to redeem yourself Kate Middleon! Cancer patient Stephanie Knight has launched this major twitter campaign to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The 21-year-old has been battling the disease for the past four years and only has months left to live. She has listed her bucket list and has included visiting Kate Middleton and Prince William along with other activities like parachute jumping and learning to uncork a bottle with a sword (that’s a good one).

So does Kate have the time now that she’s well enough for her favorite hobby again? The palace isn’t saying and I doubt it will but this has got to be a better use of a royal’s time than shopping. Kate Middleton can’t visit every ill kid. I get that. People would take advantage but it still would be sweet. She doesn’t even have to make a big show of it. She could have the girl come to the palace for a meet and greet without photographers and the press but I understand that it could open a floodgate. Still, maybe she should curb all the shopping sprees. I’m sure the world is super stoked Kate feels better but shopping all day every day while a girl with terminal cancer is launching a massive bid to meet you before she dies could be slightly inconsiderate. But what do I know? Kate is a princess now and this is apparently what princesses do. Maybe Kim Kardashian was right. Maybe Kim really is a princess too. I didn’t know it was so easy.

Photo Credit: Barcroft/Fame Pictures

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