Kate Middleton Terrified That She was Fed Contaminated Horse Meat

Kate Middleton Terrified That She was Fed Contaminated Horse Meat

Well, finally a royal scandal is developing that doesn’t directly involve the behavior of a Middleton or Camilla Parker-BowlesBritain’s biggest catering company, Sodexo has revealed that it has found horse meat in some of its products instead of the expected ground beef.  The royals may   have been fed the mis-marked meat as long ago as last summer and it is creating quite an appalling situation.

According to the March 18th print edition of GLOBE, Kate Middleton is afraid to touch any of the meat being served and is pretty much sticking to a veggie diet now.  The danger isn’t the horse meat itself, but the fact that several of the horse carcasses in question had been treated with an anti-inflammatory drug referred to as “Bute”.  The drug is a potential carcinogen and can cause life-threatening internal bleeding or spontaneous abortion in a pregnant woman!

After having a rough few months carrying her first child it’s no wonder Kate is terrified of something else going wrong. This news also makes me wonder if Queen Elizabeth was really hospitalized last week with “the trots” or if maybe it was something connected to this meat that they’ve all likely been fed. Supposedly Kate is trying to talk Prince William into giving up meet as well until the authorities can assure them that the meat supply is truly safe for everyone.

Do you think this is yet another British scandal that will prove to be a lot bigger than people initially think? There are a multitude of pregnant women in Europe that could have easily come into contact with some of the tainted meat. Will this be just the start of a bigger problem? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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6 responses to “Kate Middleton Terrified That She was Fed Contaminated Horse Meat”

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  2. I don’t think it is a “scandal” for any woman, the princess included, pregnant or not,to not want to eat poisoned meat. The fraud is rampant and she has every right to be concerned. Everyone should have the right to know what they are actually eating..that is the news here..not the princess and her personal choices.

  3. Barb AZ says:

    All horsemeat is suspect, because horse owners give bute throughout the life of the horse. Horses are not raised for food! Barbaric!

  4. Nancy Newman says:

    The threat is very real! The horse meat scare is not a “scandal”. It is a fact. When will humans realize that our Heavenly Father did not intend Equine as human food. Is written in the bible very clearly what meats are for human consumption, tainted horse or not, equine was not one for our delicacy. Wake up people. God is allowing this to happen for a reason. Equine were created as a help companion, travel, riding, work, even battle…..but not human food. The human race….has became discustingly sick!

  5. BerksBound says:

    Because horses are not raised as food animals, and have a much longer lifespan than food animals, they are routinely treated with medications banned from the food chain. These include Bute, which is used by 85% of horse owners according to a U.S. survey, and 92 to 99% of race horses according to two other surveys. It’s virtually impossible to guarantee U.S. horse meat, which is prevalent in European products, is free of Bute.

    Other routinely used products include hormones, steroids, insecticides, coagulants and sedatives, not permitted in food animals.

  6. ziggypop says:

    Buyers beware! Now the pro slaughter veterinarians in the US are trying the change the change the wordage on the bottles of bute, looking to cover up the dangers of bute to humans. Please do not buy American slaughtered horses!!! They do not have ANY protocol in place that assures consumers US horse meat is clear of bute and the many other drugs equine owners routinely give their horses.