Kate Middleton’s First Vacation With Royal Baby Already Planned – Shocked?

Kate Middleton's First Vacation With Royal Baby Already Planned - Shocked? 0620

Anyone surprised by this? How can you be? This is Kate Middleton and Prince William. They live for their vacations. And they’re getting their little one on the same page nice and early. According to Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, the Cambridges have already made plans to vacation in August at Balmoral with other members of the royal family. It’s not the Seychelles or Mystique but it’s not bad.

Oh, I’m just messing with you Kate! There’s really nothing too smutty or too surprising in this tip. Apparently it’s tradition for royal babies to hang at Balmoral for the summer and William and Harry did it with their parents soon after they were born. “Both William and Harry stayed at Balmoral in the August following their births,” Burrell told Life & Style. “As custom dictates, they stayed in the royal nursery on the first floor, which has been used for every generation since Queen Victoria.”

So as much as I would love to call Kate out for dodging her work, this sounds more like a family thing you couldn’t  get out of if you tried. It’s not like we were all waiting for her to get back to waving and polite chit chats soon anyway. Last time I heard she was taking a pretty extensive leave to stay at home with the kid. There are rumors of a royal tour of Australia sometime in 2014 (similar to the one Diana went on after the birth of William) but I don’t think anything is set in stone yet. Until then there may be fleeting, sporadic public appearances but nothing too tasking. Let’s let her enjoy the royal baby’s first vacation. Kate Middleton may have to cut back after that. What do you think – 4 – 5 a year from now on?


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