Kate Middleton’s Brother Mocks Princess Diana To Keep Business Afloat

Kate Middleton's Brother Mocks Princess Diana To Keep Business Afloat 0519

Kate Middleton’s been all smiles in the press lately but with a family full of idiots there has got to be some grimaces going on behind closed doors.

James Middleton‘s cupcake company, Nice Cakes, made a major gaffe recently when it debuted a cupcake with pic Princess Diana’s photo on it. The cupcakes were made to mark the 25th birthday of Hello! magazine and they also featured some other famous royal faces such as Kate’s aunt-in-law, Sophie Wessex.

I suppose it was a big deal for James’ company to be able to supply cupcakes for the party but the fact he agreed to do it is odd. Pippa wouldn’t have done it that’s for sure. And if she did, it would have been page one, above the fold news. Why this kid gets away for being a dumb ass all the time is beyond me.

But who gives a shit, you ask? Listen. We all know Prince William isn’t too hot with the press especially when it comes to his mom’s image. And this wasn’t really the press. This was a freakin’ tabloid. So basically, James just made money (and kept his struggling business afloat) by essentially reprinting Princess Diana’s mug from a sensational tabloid onto a cupcake. Nice. I wouldn’t be too excited about that and, sad to say, I’m not as crotchety as Will seems to be half the time.

But, like I said, no one really cares about this because this bonehead has a get out of jail free card stapled to his forehead at all times. Screw Kate. Poor Pippa.

What do you make of the Princess Diana cupcake? How could James not know that this was in bad taste? Does he need money that much?

Photo Credit: FlynetUK/Flynetpictures.com

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