Kate Middleton’s Pre-eclampsia Scare: Explains Secret Hospital Visit Last Week?

Kate Middleton's Preeclampsia Scare: Explains Secret Hospital Visit Last Week?

Kate Middleton has really proven what a trooper she is during her pregnancy hasn’t she? While she appears to be well on her way to delivering a perfectly healthy royal heir she has had her share of problems along the way. Her pregnancy was announced sooner than originally planned due to her hospitalization for severe morning sickness last December. It seems the second trimester was much kinder to Kate but as she crept towards the home stretch more frightening problems have begun to surface.

According to the July 22nd print edition of GLOBE a few weeks ago Kate made an emergency run to her doctor and there have been fears of her suffering from pre-eclampsia. It is known as a silent killer in pregnant woman and unfortunately it’s fairly common. It includes spikes in blood pressure that can prove deadly. Symptoms are easily misdiagnosed because two of the hallmark signs of pre-eclampsia include bloat as well as nausea and vomiting which are common at any point in a pregnancy.

Kate’s doctor immediately put her under strict orders to slow down immensely. That’s when Kate seemed to drop off the radar a bit and now, rather than seeing footage of her, we are left to anxiously anticipate the birth of her precious bundle. At least we know that she is smart enough to cut short her royal appearance schedule in order to take care of herself and follow her doctors instructions to the letter, right?

Do you think that an issue with blood pressure is concerning Kate and William in terms of delivery? Might a C-section be a better option, allowing Kate to deliver the royal heir in a bit of a calmer, more controlled situation? Tell us your thoughts on Kate’s late term health scare in the comments below!

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