Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy Leaving Her Position Vulnerable In Royal Family?

Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Leaving Her Position Vulnerable In Royal Family? 0117

I was watching this Jennifer Lopez interview yesterday and she was asked why she just doesn’t settle down and relax once in awhile. She just came off American Idol and a huge concert series and now she has a new album and movie coming out. She actually looked shocked by the question and basically responded that if she doesn’t keep up then there’s always someone else behind you waiting to take advantage. This makes sense in the world of celebrity. If you’re not making yourself relevant then somebody else is. I didn’t know how similar it was to the world of royalty.

Kate Middleton’s pregnancy is taking her out of the game for awhile. First she was sick and now there was another announcement that she was taking more time off to incubate. Who can blame her? She’s a control freak and she wants this baby to grow perfectly within the small confines of her little hips. But it hasn’t taken long for other royals to capitalize on her self-imposed exile. Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie are at it again. They just will not go quietly. Prince Charles may want a slim-downed monarchy but the absence of Prince William and Kate and Prince Harry (for only a little while longer thank GOD!) has made some room for Prince Andrew’s girls to show their worth. Will they manage to steal some of Kate’s thunder or will their mini royal tour end with a whimper and not their much hoped for bang?

Beatrice and Eugenie are promoting the Great Britain Campaign in Germany today. It’s a two-day event meant to showcase the best of British culture. One might wonder how they got the relatively high profile gig. The princesses are not working royals and don’t even have regular bodyguards although I’m sure allowances were made for this trip. Charles and Camilla must have passed and Andrew is horribly unpopular right now. Usually Prince Edward and Countess Sophie are the Queen’s right hand men for this sort of small thing but they’ve been somehow overlooked. Apparently Andrew lobbied HARD for his daughters. He even agreed to pay for their flights out of his pocket which is kinda odd (and not expensive AT ALL). There’s obviously some strategy going on here. Yes, the girls have managed to get jobs but word on the street is Andrew is still not happy about it. He still wants a royal life for them. Team Andrew is obviously hoping the girls’ tour might be just enough of a success to carve out some love from the British people while their beloved Kate is MIA .

So will this little coup against Charles’ evil dictate work? Do the princesses have a chance at making themselves relevant? I’m not sure but I really don’t see what the big deal is anymore. There have been plenty of stories remarking that Charles’ smaller monarchy wears the major players a little thin. Apparently there are too many little tours/events like this Berlin one and not enough royals to go around. Maybe that will change when Kate starts to get off her ass and work a little more but that won’t be for awhile. She and William have made it clear they want to be part-time for a little while longer so they can raise their family. Look, I love ripping on the princesses as much as the next guy but why not throw Beatrice and Eugenie a bone? They want the work and it’s there for them. They aren’t going to steal any of Kate’s attention. The people want Kate – other people will suffice – but they want the Cambridges. Perhaps if Charles relaxed his stance the royal family wouldn’t be so bitchy lately.

Do you believe Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie’s Berlin trip is a way to test the waters of their popularity? Should Kate be worried that they continue to fight for a position in the royal family or will she welcome the extra pair of hands?

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  1. Lori Ross says:

    kate basically sucks so who cares ?

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