Katherine Jackson Appeals Michael Jackson’s Wrongful Death Verdict

Katherine Jackson Appeals Michael Jackson's Wrongful Death Verdict

Poor Paris Jackson, Prince Jackson, and young Blanket Jackson. They’ve had to put up with so much from their greedy and famewhory extended family, and they don’t even have their father to protect them anymore.

When Michael Jackson died, Katherine Jackson got custody of the kids. Back then, we had the slightest inkling that Katherine might be better than the rest of her family. Nope, she’s just as bad. TMZ reports that she has appealed her son’s wrongful death trial verdict, where the judge decreed that AEG was not responsible for Michael’s death, and they did nothing wrong by hiring Conrad Murray.

Alas, the money-mongering Jackson family could never accept that so Katherine is once again appealing the court’s decision. I mean, it’s not like the millions of dollars that she received from Michael’s will after his death is enough for her. No, of course not. Now, she wants more and she’s refusing to take no for an answer. Why else would she so vehemently pursue a case that has already caused so much media scrutiny and could have been single-handedly responsible for Paris’ suicide attempt? I mean, she needs to start thinking about her grandchildren and the effect this case is having on them. The more they are exposed to it, the more difficult it will be for them to recover in the long run – as we’ve already seen with Paris.

But of course, why would this matter to Katherine? She was so oblivious to the problems and issues plaguing Paris, and I have no doubt the rest of her family is pressuring her to appeal the verdict. Ugh. This family is seriously one of the most disgustingly greedy families to ever exist. At this point, those kids would be better off with someone they didn’t even know.

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