Paris Jackson’s Defense Of Father At Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Trial Caused Her Downward Spiral – Suicide Attempt?

Paris Jackson's Defense Of Father At Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Trial Caused Her Downward Spiral - Suicide Attempt?

You know, I can’t even understand what it’s like to go through what Paris Jackson has gone through over the past few years. After losing your father, and then having to contend with your lunatic, famewhore extended family, you then have to testify in your father’s wrongful death trial and have all those painful memories dredged up again.

Although Paris is currently still hospitalized after the suicide attempt earlier this month, the footage from her on the witness stand from the trial in March has been released today. Most of the Jackson family is suing AEG Live after they kept Dr. Conrad Murray, who has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

Kai Chase, who was Michael’s chef, is claiming that Michael was in poor and ‘deteriorating’ health when he died. However, AEG Live’s lawyers are using clips from Paris and the other Jackson children to retaliate against Kai’s claims. One of the ways they’ve been using that is to attack the credibility of Grace Rwaramba, who was the children’s nanny. While Chase claims that Grace was ‘the mother’ that the children knew, Paris explained, “My dad didn’t like [Rwaramba], so he tried to, like, keep her away from us. He said she was sneaky and she wasn’t an honest person and she lied a lot.”

Overall, Chase seems to be suggesting that Michael was just in horrible health before he died, and that it was something that could have been predicted and stopped. Again, it sucks for Paris and the other children to have to face this, and it sucks even more that they had to stand there and relive their father’s death. I really hope that after what happened with Paris, the Jackson family will take a second look at allowing these children to be brought into court proceedings and other similar situations. Enough’s enough.

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