Janet Jackson and Randy Jackson Skip Nephew Taj’s Wedding: Selfish Jackson Family At War Even As Paris Jackson Struggles

Janet Jackson and Randy Jackson Skip Nephew Taj's Wedding: Jackson Family At War Even As Paris Jackson Struggles

Although it may be hard to understand what led Paris Jackson to attempt suicide, you have to sympathize with her after looking at her lunatic family. Apart from her siblings and possibly grandmother Katherine Jackson, every single member of the Jackson family is certifiably insane and incredibly fame-whorey.

The latest development in the never-ending Jackson family feud took place this past weekend. Although the whole family was invited to Taj’s wedding, neither Janet Jackson nor Randy nor Jackie chose to attend. A source tells Radar, “Everyone in the family was invited to Taj’s weddings, but Janet, Randy and Jackie chose not to attend.”


For those who don’t know, Taj is the son of Tito Jackson and brother of TJ Jackson. Radar’s source adds that the reason Janet, Randy, and Jackie decided not to attend the wedding was because of tension that still exists between most of the siblings. The source explains, “Tensions still exist between the brothers, sisters and their mother Katherine. Many have turned on each other. It all comes down to money and their motivation to do what they did last year — taking Katherine away to Arizona behind the backs of Michael’s kids.”

This whole situation is ridiculous. We remember last year, when Randy, Janet, and Jackie decided to take Katherine to Arizona and then basically stage a ridiculous almost-kidnapping of the children from the Jackson compound. This is how desperate they are for Michael Jackson’s money. And now, they’re taking it out on their poor nephew and brother, who had the fortune of not being involved in their ridiculous plot.

If you ask me, the whole lot of them out to be locked up and kept away from Paris, Blanket, and Prince Michael. Paris, of course, is still recuperating and didn’t attend the wedding, but Prince Michael and Blanket reportedly did. That being said, it’s almost a good thing that Janet, Randy, and Jackie didn’t attend so they couldn’t influence any more of the Jackson children.

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6 responses to “Janet Jackson and Randy Jackson Skip Nephew Taj’s Wedding: Selfish Jackson Family At War Even As Paris Jackson Struggles”

  1. Jocelyn says:

    I fear for this whole family

  2. MakeHerUp says:

    It seems like they’re never going to get it together, which is sad…. for those children!

  3. wqjackson says:

    Jackie wasn’t part of the group that wanted the Estate Executives to resign. Jackie and Tito’s other son have been advisers to the Estate since MJ’s death.

  4. naturaluv85 . says:

    what an idiot. Janet is overseas not giving a damn, like she should be. And you forgot about Marlon!

  5. Rachael Ferguson says:

    what a trashy fake story. jackie was NOT involved with the “katherine kidnapping” last year. it was rebbie, randy and janet. tito and jermaine signed a letter confirming they were on janet rebbie and randys side but they later publicly withdrew their signature. as for the rest of it, the brothers have been doing a lot of touring together in the last year so im sure they have reached some sort of an agreement if they can work together despite any tensions or differences. although my biggest concern is the lack of public discussion bout Paris from most of the family members. they usually dont get out of the public eye when something to do with them is in the news.

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