Michael Jackson’s Children, Paris and Prince, Face Devastation in AEG Wrongful Death Suit

Michael Jackson's Children, Paris and Prince, Face Devastation in AEG Wrongful Death Suit

Michael Jackson’s family is out to avenge his unnecessary death in any way possible and that includes a multi-billion dollar wrongful death suit against AEG, a huge concert promoter. What they seem to have forgotten though is the fact that Michael’s children will inevitably be called to testify and the ramifications of that may prove more destructive than their father’s death was.

According to the April 22nd print edition of GLOBE, both Prince Michael, 16, and Paris Jackson, 15, have really lived in a bubble. When Michael was alive they rarely ventured out in public and he kept their identities under wraps to supposedly preserve their anonymity and childhood. After his passing the Jackson family has worked really hard to keep Michael up on a pedestal in his kids’ memories. In other words they really don’t understand the sordid allegations that the fallen singer battled for years. AEG’s pitbull attorney’s will no doubt make sure that the kids have a clear understanding of exactly who and what the general public thought that their father was.

Greedy family matriarch, Katherine Jackson is spearheading the suit and it was her idea to have Prince and Paris testify in the first place. The rest of the family is split right down the middle on this decision. While it may initially help their case, the information that the kids will learn will be irreversible and may be too much to handle.

Do you think the kids should be kept off of Katherine’s list of witnesses? Won’t learning that their father was considered to be a pedophile while on the stand under oath be too much to inflict on both Paris and Prince? Should she be trying to protect them better than this? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • The chances of Katherine Jackson winning a dime from this lawsuit is slim to none. There is no getting around the fact that Michael Jackson was addicted to drugs. Looking at his body it is obvious that he has been sick for a very long time. Michael Jackson refused interventions and any help to get him off of drugs. And like many celebrities the drugs cost him his life. That is not the fault of AEG it was Michael Jackson’s choice to do drugs. His family knows that Michael was an addict. You can take a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Michael refused any help from anyone. You would think that his children were incentive enough for him to seek treatment but they weren’t. AEG would not hire a doctor who would kill their gravy train. They wanted him alive not dead. The doctor would not have intentionally killed Michael. He had a lucrative deal. He was going to be paid 100,000 dollars a month. Micheal was well aware of the dangers of propofol. And the doctor was not the one who introduced Michael to this drug. Michael was doctor shopping and taking many different drugs. The combination of all the drugs he was taking, his health, along with the propofol is most likely what killed him. Katherine Jackson made money off of Michael from the time he was a child. She overlooked the brutality inflicted by Joe Jackson against Michael and all of the children. She witnessed the horrific whippings of the children at the hands of their father. She heard the verbal abuse Michael and his siblings were subjected to. And she did nothing. She probable was aware of all of the seedy places in which they were forced to perform and turned a blind eye. It comes as know surprise that she would subject Michael’s three children to the sordid allegations that will come out in court. She has never respected the privacy of those children. She removed the masks. She has paraded them around as though they are in a three ring circus. She has allowed Oprah Winfrey access to interview the children. Katherine Jackson requested that Oprah interview Paris Jackson. Those children want to be left alone. Her choice to put these kids in court is horrendous. Paris, Prince and Blanket all know this is not what their dad would want. He ferociously protected their privacy. Katherine Jackson should never have gotten custody of those children.

  • Emma

    Prince & Paris are already aware that people thought that their father was a paedophile but they don’t care because,as Paris has said, she knows that he wasn’t. I still think that they should be spared the spectacle of the trial & all the horrible trashing of their Dad. However the Jackson’s are driven by greed, always have been & they don’t care about Michael or his children so they will use them to get what they wants without giving them a second thought. All the see when they look at those kids is $$$$, same as when they looked at MJ. Sad.

  • disqus_xOD1CLpWY9

    Of Course Paris is going to lie to protect her STEPfather.