Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap 11/10/13: Season 8 Finale “Kylie’s Sweet 16”

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap 11/10/13: Season 8 Finale “Kylie's Sweet 16”

Tonight on E! KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS continues with another new episode called, “Kylie’s Sweet 16.” On tonight’s show Kris is tasked with babysitting a pig. Kylie starts planning her sweet 16 celebration.  Did you watch the last episode before the hiatus? We did and we recapped it here for you.

On last episode Bruce takes the family out for a camping trip, and Khloe uses the trip to hunt for aliens. Kris is preparing to launch her talk show and asks for everyone’s support.

On tonight’s episode Kylie chooses to plan her Sweet 16 without the help of Kris. Kris is forced to babysit a pig.  It seems that Kendall got a crazy idea to buy a pig for Kris.  Scott warns her that Kris won’t take care of the pig, she is far too busy. The drama continues and Rob tells Khloe he wants to move out.  Rob’s news leaves Khloe feeling like she is losing control of everything.  Kourtney becomes concerned because she feels Scott is getting to drunk at Kylie’s party.  Scott lets her know if she continues he will show her what out of control is, yikes!

Tonight is going to be another crazy episode that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of E!’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” tonight at 9PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this season of KUWTK?

RECAP: Kourtney asks Scott if he knows what she’s thinking, Scott guesses a couple of things that aren’t what she’s thinking; turns out Kourtney was thinking that Lamar and Khloe have never hanged out all together. Scott agrees and mentions how him and Lamar were supposed to hangout together but it never happened; Kourtney calls Khloe and asks if she and Lamar want to eat out. Khloe says sure, but then she makes an excuse and falls through with these plans. Scott doesn’t believe that they’ll ever hangout, Kourtney isn’t pleased by this at all. Kris is trying to teach Kylie how to drive, Kris looks like she’s making the driving more stressful for Kylie. Kylie and Kris go into meet with a party planner, name Sharon; Kris throws out several ideas, but none of them please Kylie. Kylie mentions how she wants her party to be Alice in Wonderland themed, Kris keeps on mentioning ideas but nothing works for Kylie; she wants to plan her own sweet sixteen. Scott the Lord Disick is outside lounging with Kourtney, Rob appears and Scot and Kourtney talk to Rob how Lamar and Khloe never hangout with them at all. Kourtney believes that Khloe and Lamar live in their own world, Rob mentions how everyone is doing their own thing. Kourtney mentions that maybe she should just visti while Lamar is there unexpectedly, Kris talks about how Kylie is a hoarder because of all the thigns she has. Kris wants Kylie to learn how to be neat and tidy, there’s so much crap in her room. Kris wants to clean up Kylie’s room, but Kendall believes that Kris is just freaking out for no reason because o fhow she’s turning sixteen soon. Kylie gets back home, Kris greets them; Kris tells her not to get mad at her, Kylie instantly wonders if she went through her room. Kylie was right and then says that all the clothes on the floor was new, Kris then gets a little worried and tells her not to get mad. Kylie goes up stairs not so pleased to find out what’s happened to her room.

Kris is talking to Khloe about what she did to Kylie’s room, Khloe doesn’t like how Kris went through Kylie’s room and thinks it was uncalled for. It cuts to Kris meeting up with Liz, Kris meets up with Kendall’s pig and Liz mentions how Kris has to take care of the pig. Kris calls Kendall and is pissed off, because she doesn’t know who to take of the pig. Looks like Kris is going to be stuck with taking care of the pig, Liz is teaching her the ropes how to take care of the pig while Kendall is away. Khloe is with Kourtney and Khloe are together, Khloe mentions about the whole thing with Kris going through Kylie’s room. It then cuts to the Jenner house, Kim is debating on whether she should workout sometime later instead, Khloe hears the pig out side who’s squealing. Turns out the pig was almost about to go into the pool, Kris goes and saves the pig from jumping in the water; Kris seems to be taking a liking to this pig. Khloe is going through Kylie’s list, they both talk about Kris going through Kylie’s things. They both come up with the idea that they should go through Kris’s room and remove somethings in it, to show her how it feels to have someone invade your privacy. Khloe and Kylie go through her shoes and put a couple in a garbage bag, then they go and get a couple of makeup brushes and put them in garbage bags. Kris catches them in the act of walking out with garbage bags.

Kris catches them in the act and then mentions how it’s because she’s going crazy with thinking of what to do for Kylie’s sweet sixteen, Kylie then says that shes going to plan her whole sweet sixteen on her own. Kim comes in and says that Kylie is sloppy along with Khloe and that they can’t see it, Kris believes that Kylie is going to have a hard time with planning her own sweet sixteen and wants her to notice how much she’s does for her. Kris is taking care of the pig giving her massage, Kendall walks in and then wants to take her pig back. Kris doesn’t want Kendall to take the pig from her, she then takes out the collars and asks wich one Kendall would like for the pig to have. Kris has falen in love with this pig, this glorious creature. Khloe is driving in the car with Kourtney, the GPS is starting to be very annoying and is wanting for them to turn left on several occasions. Khloe receives a call form Jeff Shwartz who’s Lamar’s agent, she mentions how Lamar has left already. Khloe has protected Lamar on several occasions and now she’s starting to not be able to do it for him any longer, because she’s getting bombarded with questions she can’t answer.

Kris asks if the pig has been grazed today, Kylie comes in and gives an invitation to Kris; she then brings up that it was very hard to plan her own sweet sixteen and that she realizes how Kris was right. Kris then apologizes for going through all of Kylie’s stuff and says it’ll never happen again. Kris then talks to the pig about how they’ll be going to the party together. It then cuts to Kourtney talking to Kendall about what she’s going to be wearing at Kylie’s party, Kendall brings up that she wants to buy Kris a pig to take care of; Scott doesn’t like that idea and doesn’t believe Kris will be able to take care of it. Kourtney, Rob and her friend are driving to pick up Kylie from her driving license; Rob mentions that he’s very sorry for not going to Kylie’s birthday part, he’s got his own reasons for not going and doesn’t want that to ruin it for her. Kylie passed her driving test and she’s extremely excited about it because it was her first time, Kylie was happy to see her best friend and Rob there supporting her. Rob meets up with Brody, they’re running up the stairs, he wants Rob to find some sort of motivation with himself. Rob knows that he wants someone attractive, and knows that they’d want the same. Rob wants to workout and lose some weight because he’s not happy with himself. Rob brings up that he doesn’t like being seen anymore, that he’s very self conscious he tells everything to Brody. Rob is big on the whole doing everything yourself thing, Brody wants to help him anyway he can.

Kylie’s sweet sixteen has begun and there are several guests arriving at the party, Kris finally arrives at the party along with Kourtney and Khloe. The entire party is decorated to look like Wonderland, everything looks pretty good. Kendall understands that Kris likes the pig a lot, but she wants Kris to understand that a part is no place for a pig. Kendall gives the pig to a friend to take care of because as I mentioned it wasn’t a good environment for a pige to be in. Kylie finally arrives at her own part, she brings up how hard it was to plan this whole party. Looks like everyone is having a great time at the party, Bruce appeared also. Kris then grabs the mic and says happy birthday and that she loves her. Kris is very proud of Kylie, because she’s so grown up. Kourtney knows when Scott has drank a little too much. Kylie is saying hello to friends, Kris is enjoying herself. Kourtney is now looking for Scott, Scott went to the washroom and there’s a bunch of guys talking to him in a circle. Scott is being bothered by ten little kids, because they want to see if Scott will flip out. Scott does the right thing and does nothing about the situation, Kourtney just says that Scott is disgusting and is leaving the party; after he explains what happened in the washroom.

Kourtney wants Scott to get it together, she didn’t like knowing about what happened to Scott. Kourtney goes into the girls washroom with Khloe and more to talk about it, Scott walks into the women’s room and talks about how it happened with him and the kids that it wasn’t his fault at all. Scott then says he’ll do anything Kourtney wants, she believes that she’s more sensitive with Scot because of thing that have happened in the past. Kourtney believes that she needs to loosen up in order to have a great time at Kylie’s party. Kendall made a video for Kylie, to show at her sweet sixteen. Kylie says that her sweet sixteen was easily the best night of her life so far, she’s happy to have a great time and to know that everyone else did also. Khloe is trying to call Lamar, because he keeps on trying to call Khloe. Khloe ends up having to leave the party, because of it. Rob meets up with Khloe, to talk about what’s going on with Lamar. Khloe understands that a lot has been going on with her and Lamar, but lately it’s been getting a little out of control now. She has no plan for what to do next, Rob knows that Lamar is a loveable guy and it sucks what’s happening with him. Khloe has tried hard to deal with Lamar, she doesn’t want to leave Lamar at his lowest.

Rob begins telling Khloe the real reason why he wanted to meet with her, Rob tells her that he wants to become healthy and needs to workout. Rob hates seeing his sister hurt, Rob knows that he needs to leave the house because he needs to fix himself. Rob then brings up that maybe it’s time for a change for everybody, Khloe does understand why Rob wants to move out even though she wants to live with him forever. Khloe doesn’t know what to do with Lamar, Rob then brings up that she needs to live her own life. Khloe believes that she needs to tell her family about the current problems that she’s having with Lamar.