Kelly Clarkson Marriage Shaky: Brandon Blackstock’s Cheating Track Record Exposed

Kelly Clarkson Marriage Shaky: Brandan Blackstock's Cheating Track Record Exposed

Kelly Clarkson is one of those chicks that you just kind of pull for, isn’t she? She’s a real girl and I think we all want to see her happy. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be the happiest point in Kelly’s life seems to have turned into an utter train wreck. She went from happy newlywed with a baby on the way to tangled in a cheating scandal quite literally over night. Earlier this month not one, but two women came forward to discuss their affairs with Kelly’s new husband, Brandon Blackstock .

According to the Dec. 23rd print edition of Star magazine one of the women is 5 months pregnant and claims that when she asked Brandon about Kelly he told her that his then-fiance didn’t need to know. Obviously not every bit of scandal is rooted in truth, but according to his own family, Brandon has a hard time keeping it in his pants. Fidelity has never been a strong suit and after numerous flings it cost him his first marriage.

For now Kelly is said to be trusting that her new husband is telling the truth but she has her own trust issues to contend with. She has a history of dating men that were disloyal to her and so this whole thing has brought up her own fears of being cheated on again. Plus she is struggling in the pregnancy with severe morning sickness. Her body is a mess and she doesn’t need her emotions to be compromised as well. Do you think there is any truth to the rumors of Brandon cheating on Kelly or are these women just looking for a bit of attention? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


3 responses to “Kelly Clarkson Marriage Shaky: Brandon Blackstock’s Cheating Track Record Exposed”

  1. busybeeblogger says:

    Wasn’t he married when she met him?

  2. Brandy Gunderson says:

    NO that was Blake Sheldon & Miranda Lambert or was it LeAnn Rimes & Edie Cibrian OPPS its all them

  3. Addi Rose Blaydes says:

    nooooooo!!!!!!! his is completely stupid!!!!!!! why is it so bad for a person to be happy!!! people need to stop making up lies about other people, give them a chance to be happy!!!!! seriously, leave kelly and brandon alone!!! kelly has fallen in love [finally] and is now pregnant, SHE DOESN’T NEED THIS!!!!!!!!! leave people alone, and let them be happy all you guys care about are ur stupid fake stories andur money, not about peoples feelings!!!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!