Khloe Kardashian Faked Infertility – Kris Jenner Didn’t Allow Khloe To Get Pregnant While Lamar Odom Cheated and Smoked Crack!

Khloe Kardashian Faked Infertility - Kris Jenner Didn't Allow Khloe To Get Pregnant While Lamar Odom Cheated and Smoked Crack!

Wow, we couldn’t have had it any more wrong if we tried! Talk about being spoon fed a pile of lies but it’s not too surprising considering I’m referring to the Kardashians. We have all spent the last year soaking up all of the Khloe Kardashian baby (or lack of baby) gossip just like Kris Jenner wanted us to. Khloe’s pregnancy plight appeared to take on epic proportions and everyone felt bad for the poor, happily married Kardashian that seemed to have everything but a baby.

We all bought it and now you do realize it was just another bit of manufactured reality spit out by Kris to divert the public’s attention from what really is happening. They couldn’t say, “Oh yeah, Lamar is a junkie with a string of mistresses and Khloe cries herself to sleep.” instead we were left to believe that she cried because of no baby.

Was Khloe on fertility meds while contending with a crackhead husband that couldn’t remember to take care of himself let alone rock a baby to sleep? I tend to doubt that. Yes she gained weight, probably because she’s an emotional eater and has spent a year in hell, starting with the first time that her private investigator slid her an envelope full of photos of Lamar with some random brunette indulging in a full freak fest.

In a weird way Khloe probably preferred we think she was sad over baby business rather than know the truth, that her one month courtship with Lamar wasn’t nearly enough time to know the truth about who he really is! Do you agree with us? Was this whole pregnancy story just a red herring to divert our attention? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Angel 2009

    Cardinal Rule: If a Kardashian/Jenner speaks, then it is a lie.

  • Sharmagne Weston

    Did PMK have the doctor that told Khloe she was not ovulating on the payroll? If you are not ovulating, you are infertile. Heck to the no…Khole would have gotten pregnant in a minute to secure a minimum standard of life for 18 years just like Kim did with psycho Kanye. PMK thinks the public is pretty stupid to believe this spin.

  • Jessica

    To be honest, IF this is true (which most of the shit on the internet is bogus) I don’t blame them. They’re constantly being watched and talked about. If they want to divert everyone’s attention and keep their private live a secret, then they’re entitled to do so. If you’re really trying to sell that as scandalous, you’re just a sick, gossip-crazed person. Get over it.