Kim Kardashian Bans Sweets From Hospital Room – The Weight Loss Battle Has Begun!

Kim Kardashian Bans Sweets From Hospital Room - The Weight Loss Battle Has Begun! 0620

Anyone else bored with the whole baby name game? Me Too. Let’s get to the good stuff. Let’s start the pressure. Let’s get to the weight loss. Kim Kardashian had that baby girl five days ago and is still holed up in the hospital. According to the tabs she’s staying with the baby until it gains five pounds and then they’ll leave together. How long does it take to recover from C-sections or tummy tucks? Just wondering….

And I’m not about the pressure either. The last thing that woman needs is to drive herself crazy with something as superficial as weight right now especially since she’s dealing with a preemie and, who can forget, Kanye West. But it looks like Kim’s going full speed ahead when it comes to getting the body and booty that made her famous back. Us magazine reports she’s banned sweets from the hospital room because she doesn’t want the temptation and is considering firing Tracy Anderson for her old trainer Gunnar Peterson. Gunnar is the Kardashian’s household trainer and Gunnar just helped Khloe drop 25 pounds. And maybe Kim isn’t in the mood for baby food. It’s a known fact that one of Tracy’s tried and true methods to drop the weight is to get her clients to eat baby food instead of real food. And it works! Ya, no shit it works. It’s freakin’ baby food!

I just don’t see how Kim and Tracy’s personalities could match anyway. Tracy’s tough and dealt with attitudes like Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna. Kim might be a little too soft for her – in more ways than one. She’ll cater to the celebrity I’m sure but I’m sensing a lot of tears in those postpartum sessions. Gunnar would be the easier way out emotionally. He and Kim already seem to have a good relationship and he knows how the those yo-yo dieting Kardashians work in the gym. Who knows? Maybe she’ll use both. It’s obviously a priority right now. She wants to get back at everyone who called her fat for the last eight months. And I’m excited for her. I want to watch this go down. Like everything she does, I’m sure it will be uber dramatic and cloaked in conspiracy. I wonder what diet pills she’s hawk this time around?

What do you think? Did Kim Kardashian ban sweets in an effort to jump start the weight loss? Is that wise at the moment?


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