Kim Kardashian Jealous of Beyonce’s New Album Video with Blue Ivy “Blue” – Plans Music Video With North West “North”

Kim Kardashian Jealous of Beyonce's New Album Video with Blue Ivy "Blue" - Plans Music Video With North West "North"

Despite everything else going on in the world, this morning’s news was predictably dominated by Beyonce and Blue Ivy‘s surprise song release. After all, it IS Beyonce. When she sneezes, it makes national news. Unfortunately for Kim Kardashian, she can barely get that kind of attention even by posing half-naked on the cover of US Weekly.

According to sources, Kim is seething with jealousy that she can never garner the kind of attention that Beyonce does. Well, duh. Beyonce is a world-famous musician, incredibly talented and hardworking, and she built her success from the ground up. All Kim did was sell a sex tape, have a couple of failed marriages, sleep with one-half of the NBA and NFL, and then get engaged to Kanye West. But of course, jealousy is never reasonable, and it’s probably made worse by the fact that Beyonce is so dismissive of Kim.

Anyway, could Kim possibly be trying to capitalize on some of the attention? I mean, just when she thought some of the hype was fading a couple weeks ago, she conscripted Kanye into doing a sex tape music video, better known as Bound 2. But now, she’s apparently getting ready to force Kanye to do another music video, this time with her and North West. She probably feels like that would be a perfect counter to Beyonce’s video, but apart from making her look like a jealous fool, there’s nothing that’s going to detract from Beyonce right now. Kim never has been, nor ever will be, on the same level as Beyonce. Kanye can try and try to turn Kim into a member of the elite A-list all he wants, but she’ll always be a D-list reality star who gains attention through her famewhoring tactics.

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