Kim Kardashian Crying Over Fat Comments, Wants Everyone to Leave Her Weight Alone!

Kim Kardashian Crying Over Fat Comments, Wants Everyone to Leave Her Weight Alone! 0322

Screw the fact that she got deposed yesterday in her divorce trial. Screw the fact that she’s having a baby that isn’t her legal husband’s. Screw the fact she was told to slow down and stop working/going out so much for her kid’s health but she’s still doing both. We’re calling Kim Kardashian fat and she just won’t suffer that sort of abuse anymore!

God I love the pic above. Getting out of a bucket seat gracefully is one thing, getting out of a bucket seat gracefully after you’ve stuff yourself like a sausage in a casing of leather is quite another. Can the baby breath in that thing?

So here’s what Kim had to say on Twitter: “People can be so mean. It’s not cool and it’s not fair. People are saying, ‘you’re so fat!’ I’m like, dude, I’m pregnant! Social media gives people the guts to say mean things.”

Should people call her fat? No. That’s silly and ignorant. Does she have the right to defend herself? Of course. But let’s do some defending of our own now. Social media does give people the guts to say things they probably wouldn’t ordinarily say. Would I go up to Kim right now and tell her she’s a dumb ass who makes bad decisions? Probably not. But that’s Kim the person and not Kim the character. Kim is a reality TV star and has made millions off of her TV persona. And in case anyone forgot, she is filming her pregnancy during the next season of her hit show. So, in my humble opinion, her pregnancy, can be remarked on. She can’t just decide when and where she wants the attention when she’s milked it for so long.  Look, I’m not saying we should all talk about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy weight gain all the time. It’s really not as fun as Jessica Simpson’s anyway. I like to think I’ve even defended her over the whole thing. But she needs to grow a thicker skin over that extra padding because if she has the right to exploit her pregnancy for ratings then everyone else has the right to exploit it for mindless entertainment. Am I wrong?

Should we be impressed? Should we back off? Has Kim Kardashian gained a backbone along with that baby or is her ego just raging along with her hormones?



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  • Donna

    I don’t care if she’s skinny or fat. She’s a filthy whore. Would I say that to her face. Yup!

  • Who cares ? She’s just having fun knowing people care about her so much! Go KK!

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  • lilgrandma

    Fish Lips needs to shut the fuck up!! Talk shit we talk shit too! and she learning about private fr kanye shut the fuck up you hairy fucking snake!! Stop with your shit you FAT ASS! [retty soon she won’t be a hoe,slut she just be kanye baby mama!! We don’t want her or need her FAT ASS in america she needs to fly away!!!She beat all the sluts,hoe’s in america!!! BITCH ani’t got no fucking shame!! She is just a big fat JOKE anymore!!!she don’t have no respect will we don’t have respect for the slut too!! Slut, HOE go choke on a dick!!!

    • IngeC

      Now – tell us how you really feel!?
      Can’t agree more; I will never understand how someone can be so corrupt and greedy among other things to use life as a ‘character’ role!
      Beyond pathetic!