Pictures of Kim Kardashian and North West Revealed at Funeral of Kanye West’s Grandfather – Paparazzi Called? (PHOTOS)

Pictures of Kim Kardashian and North West Revealed at Funeral of Kanye West's Grandfather - Paparazzi Called? (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian is not above calling the paparazzi, as we all know. But I think everyone thought she may have taken a break now that she’s a mother and all that. Alas, she proved everyone wrong.

Photos of Kim at Kanye West‘s grandfather’s funeral show her holding North West, covered in a gray baby blanket. Now, you can’t see North’s face, but this ostensibly marks her first official public photos. And you know what else is interesting? The photos were taken on August 10th, but only released yesterday. Coincidence? I think not.

Generally speaking, if these were just random paparazzi shots, then they would have been published pretty much ASAP. When I say random paparazzi shots, that means that the paps got lucky and stumbled into the funeral, or they were called by some guest. In that scenario, they take the shots and then sell them to the tabloids. So why the ten day gap?

Well, in that case, it was a deal. Whether it was Kim calling the paps because she wanted to drum up some interest after two months of staying out of the public eye, or Kris Jenner calling the paps because she wanted them to take pictures of North West, I don’t know. See, it’s also interesting that Kim had Nori covered up in a blanket, which means she must have known there were paparazzi around. Otherwise, why bother, right? It’s all family.

Also, funerals are generally private and don’t really draw the kind of attention that public events do, so how did the paps even find out in the first place? Yes, they could have followed her, but when you consider all the facts, there’s too many coincidences that don’t add up. Whether it was Kim, Kris, or another close friend/family member that called the paparazzi, it’s obvious a deal was made to wait on publishing the photos. Why? Well, it could be a slow roll out for Nori’s first public appearance or picture sale, or it could even be for Kim to show off her new body and reduced weight without seeming like she was being a famewhore about it.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.

Pics on the way!  Come back soon!

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4 responses to “Pictures of Kim Kardashian and North West Revealed at Funeral of Kanye West’s Grandfather – Paparazzi Called? (PHOTOS)”

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  2. Angel 2009 says:

    Last I knew, paps don’t inhabit Oklahoma – so disrespectful to make a media circus during a funeral.

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