Kim Kardashian Not Marrying Kanye West: Friends Warn Her Against It

Kim Kardashian Not Marrying Kanye West: Friends Warn Her Against It

According to a new report from Life & Style Magazine, Kim Kardashian‘s closest friends are warning her against marrying Kanye West after noticing some changes in her following her engagement.

First of all, Kim has friends? Second of all, no matter what anybody says, Kim is walking down that aisle, with or without the support of her ‘friends’, a.k.a. her tabloid sources.

Life & Style’s sources claim that the reason Kim’s friends are hesitant about her getting married is because she’s been acting like a ‘robot’ since the engagement. Her ‘friends’ address Kim’s Jay Leno appearance, saying, “It was as if she’d been brainwashed about what to say. She didn’t have a sparkle in her eye that she once had.”

Seriously, who are these ‘friends’?? And have they not met Kim? Every single public appearance I’ve seen of hers, she’s been the exact same – airy, pointless, and vapid. She hasn’t been brainwashed since meeting Kanye, she’s always been like that.

Of course, there might be some truth to these ‘friends’ worries about Kanye ‘controlling’ Kim, with them explaining, “He’s calling the shots about the wedding, the house they’re constructing, everything down to what shoes she’s gonna wear to events. Kim doesn’t think she’s being controlled. She’s ‘deciding’ to do whatever Kanye wants. She’s so in the Kanye bubble right now.”

That, I can believe. I don’t really see the difference in Kim’s behavior BK [before Kanye] and AK [after Kanye] – she’s remained as much of a famewhore as she always used to be, and the engagement hasn’t made a lick of difference to that. However, she does seem to be giving a  lot of leeway to Kanye in terms of planning their wedding and controlling her public appearances. And if they get married, that’s going to continue. The only difference is that even if her so-called ‘friends’ care, Kim sure as hell doesn’t give a damn, so long as she continues to remain relevant to the public.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet