Kim Kardashian Clings to Kanye West Desperately As He Tries To Escape

Kim Kardashian Clings to Kanye West Desperately As He Tries To Escape

This time last year Kanye West thought he had hit the big ass jackpot. He had spent years obsessing over Kim Kardashian and was absolutely thrilled to have her on his arm. It’s amazing the huge difference that one little year can make. Now that Kim is uber pregnant it certainly seems like Kanye can’t get far enough away from her. He has opted to live in Paris throughout her pregnancy because he is more artistic there – or it’s easier to bang other people without having to be accountable- and clearly, Kanye’s career and vision come before everything else. He’s not doing any heavy lifting in their relationship, that’s all on Kim.

According to the May 27th print edition of In Touch, if Kim wants the relationship to work then Kanye has made it clear that she needs to do all of the heavy lifting. She’s in her third trimester and still flying to meet him, rather than Kanye have the decency to come to her. Kanye used to refer to Kim as his “perfect bitch” but now it’s obvious that she’s little more than an irritating obligation.

Of course the more Kanye tries to pull away the harder Kim is clinging. I can’t really blame her for that. I can’t even imagine expecting my first child and experiencing all of the fear and confusion of pregnancy with out my man there to help me through. Kim is probably scared to death and that’s making her jump through extra hoops so that she won’t be alone.

I wonder if it has really sunk in just how much Kanye has abandoned her. I mean, everyone makes fun of her bad clothing choices and he says nothing. The media is being extra harsh and Kanye has yet to defend or even align himself in the press with Kim. She’s clearly on her own in this no matter how tightly she wraps herself around Kanye’s ankle!

Will Kanye and Kim survive the summer? A new baby isn’t going to improve this broken mess, that’s for sure! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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