Kim Kardashian Vs. Kate Middleton – Who Will Be More Fashionable Pregnant?

Kim Kardashian Vs. Kate Middleton - Who Will Be More Fashionable Pregnant? 1231

Yes that’s a real question and yes I expect you to answer it. Because today is a blessed day. Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy dream came true. She finally got someone to knock her up! It only took her two failed marriages to get there. Oh, I’m being snooty but, honestly, congrats to Kim. She’s wanted to be a mom for a long time now so hopefully she sticks around with Kanye for the delivery date.

But can it get any better for Kim? She’ll be pregnant at the exact same time as her princess idol Kate Middeton. They can swap morning sickness horror stories and third trimester sleeping problems. They can debate c-section vs. natural and hynobirthing vs. bradley methods. Or, they could if Kate ever acknowledged Kim existed. Remember that whole nonsense over Kim sending Kate samples of her new UK line and Kate sending them back? Kim swore that never happened but I like to believe it did because only Kim has the inflated confidence to believe Kate would want to dress like her. So what about her pregnant style? Kim absolutely, positively believes she’s a fashionista and I have no doubt she’s going to bring it each and everyday while pregnant. These women are on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to fashion, it will be such a joy to watch the next six months. If Kate errors on the boring side than Kim errors on the hookah trashy.

So how lucky for all you pregnant women out there! What well rounded examples you will have! Kim’s going to be all about the tight, belly baring ensembles. She won’t want you to forget for one moment that she’s carrying Kanye West’s baby. Kate, on the other hand, will keep with her long coats and flowy dresses content to show the public in the least vulgar way possible. These women won’t disappoint but they won’t surprise either. Regardless, I’m so looking forward to what’s to come! Who do you think will win the Kate Middleton/Kim Kardashian pregnant fashion face off?

Side note: Notice how I didn’t include Jessica Simpson? She disqualified herself by all the muumuus during her first pregnancy.