Kim Kardashian’s New Photo Shoot for Kardashian Kollection is Photoshopped From Head to Toe (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian's New Photo Shoot for Kardashian Kollection is Photoshopped From Head to Toe (PHOTOS)

Oh, here we go. Once Kardashian stepped out in public I think we all knew that her self-imposed exile was over with, right? The last few weeks have been nothing but a parade of tits and ass proving that Kim still believes that the only way to remain relevant even after becoming a mother is to resort to whoring herself out to anyone willing to look. Since she is a businesswoman (kinda) it was inevitable that she would need to do a photo shoot with her sisters for The Kardashian Kollection and Kim wasn’t going to look anything less than perfect, even if the images are as fake as the last year of her mother’s televised marriage was!

The only think real about these new photos is the blonde do on top of Kimmie’s head. If you remember Kanye wanted her to not look like a Kardashian sister so she changed her hair and voila’ she looks like one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills instead! As for the rest of the image, it is photo shopped from the neck right down to those damn shoes! Kim has showed us lots of skin in the last few week;’s and these photos aren’t brand spankin’ new either. They were shot awhile ago when if anything, the manufactured reality clinger was bigger not smaller than she was last week in those short shorts that showed off her cellulite.

I could care less what size Kim actually is but I hate the way the whole Kardashian machine repeatedly hands us a lie and insists we believe it to be true. Whether it’s a photograph, a quickie 72 day marriage or the notion that baby Nori is the center of her mother’s world, it is all one big lie. The only consistent thing about Kim is the narcissism and phoniness. She wants to encourage other new moms with her magical weight loss and let’s face it, with the magic of photo shop anyone can look like perfection in stilettos! Do you think the Kardashian’s really believe that they are fooling anyone anymore? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image Credit: Terry Richardson and FameFlynet