Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner Looking to Garner Publicity by Playing off Sick Family Member’s Illness?

Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner Looking to Garner Publicity by Playing off Sick Family Member's Illness?

Kim Kardashian has launched a desperate appeal to find an Armenian bone marrow donor for her sick cousin. The pregnant reality TV star has penned an emotional plea on her blog and dedicated a show episode on Keeping up with the Kardashians to help her cousin Cici, who has stopped responding to chemotherapy treatment as she battles cancer.

It appears the difficult part in searching for a match is that the donor must be of Armenian descent because Cici is Armenian. They would like every Armenian who reads the message or sees the show to reach out to the bone marrow registry and sign up so that they can find a match for Cici.

In Kim’s blog she adds, “Please help our family’s plea by signing up and pray that we all can save Cici’s life! Thank you guys!!! Please keep Cici in your prayers.”

This is a great cause but why must Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner make everything part of their reality television? There are more ways to bring awareness to a cause than having your cameras around for ratings. What about becoming a spokesperson for the Bone Marrow Organization? What about bringing recognition to the cause when you make public appearances on television shows while promoting Keeping up with The Kardashians?

It is said that this family is truly oblivious to what is sacred and should remain private. They choose to make a dollar off every storyline possible, every angle. I suppose that’s why Kris and the Kardashian gang are so good at what they do. We get it you want to live out your life on camera for the all mighty dollar but at what cost? Obviously, nothing is off bounds to this family, which is sad and pathetic on all levels. Hopefully Cici wasn’t hoping for a private affair. . . .

Regardless of the underlying motive behind showing a very personal family issue on air, we all hope that Cici find the match needed in her Bone Marrow search. Please share your thoughts with us.

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