Kris Jenner Refuses To Let Kim Kardashian Marry Kanye West, Doesn’t Want Another PR Disaster

Kris Jenner Refuses To Let Kim Kardashian Marry Kanye West, Doesn't Want Another PR Disaster 0710

Well, shit, can we blame her at this point? Kim Kardashian’s second marriage to Kris Humphries was an epic failure. I’m sure her first one wasn’t much fun for the family either. Maybe Kim should take a breather and listen to Kris Jenner. Kanye West might be a step up from all her past athlete-hopping but that doesn’t mean she has to rush in to anything. True, she’s technically been with Kanye longer than she was with Humphries but I’m sure if we counted the days they’ve actually been in the same room that number would dwindle quickly. But what about little North West? Doesn’t Grandma Kris want to see her family whole? I’m sure she does. But Kris also has to look out for the empire. Being divorced three times before the age of 35 isn’t a good look for anybody – even a Kardashian.

And besides, it’s not like Kris is telling Kim to stay single forever, she’s just telling her to wait a little while longer before throwing a ring on it. According to, she’s even bringing out the big names like Angelina and Brad and Goldie and Kurt to plead her case. Too bad she couldn’t use Susan and Tim. That break up still bites my ass.

So we’ll see if Kim heeds her mother’s advice. Usually Kim is the sister who actually does listen to Kris for all things but I doubt it in this case. To her, being married is just a status symbol. And, in a weird way, it validates her previous divorces. I’ll bet any money we have a Christmas wedding on our hands. Christmas in Egypt. How romantic!!

What do you think? Will Kim Kardashian marry Kanye West against her mother’s wishes? On second thought, we are jumping the gun here. Last time I checked, Kanye hadn’t even proposed yet. Why hasn’t that happened??


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