Kim Kardashian Demands Marriage To Kanye West Immediately After Kris Humphries Divorce

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Kim Kardashian knows how to forgive and forget, and that’s exactly what she’s hoping to do concerning her Kris Humphries marriage. Despite filing for divorce over a year ago, the two are still officially married, keeping her off the market and out of Kanye West’s grasp! But now that news of her pregnancy has leaked, family sources are all too willing to dish on their wedding plans. The couple want to build a family together—Humphries is their only road block!

A source reported to Hollywood Life, “Kim has been trying for a baby for a few months. She got off birth control and it was a decision she and Kanye both made. They wanted to get married before starting a family but the divorce changed everything because it’s taken so long to finalize. Kanye and Kim will definitely get married after the divorce is settled.” It’s the age-old love story: boy meets girl, boy wants to marry girl, girl is still waiting for divorce from 3-month-long marriage to go through. So sweet—impressionable teen girls, watch closely! The only question is, how much money will Kim get this time?

We previously reported that Kim’s momager Kris Jenner is already working out a pregnancy documentary show, which is guaranteed to bring in the bucks. We’ve heard Kim say she wants a small, intimate wedding, but that’s hard to believe, considering we’ll probably be granted HD views of her baby crowning!

Kim is due at the end of June, which means we have six months of baby drama to feed on. Only question is: will Kanye split now that his Kardashian konnection is real? We know he hates her family ties and wants her to break off, but will her family let her go now that the precious Kardashian DNA lives on in her unborn child?

Doesn’t Papa look thrilled?

Kim Kardashian Demands Marriage To Kanye West Immediately After Kris Humphries Divorce

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