Kourtney Kardashian called FAT by Scott Disick (Video)

Kourtney Kardashian called FAT by Scott Disick (Video)

Scott Disick has definitely crossed the limit this time around when he calls Kourtney Kardashian fat on national television.  We know Scott and Kourtney’s relationship is not all rainbows and sunshine, especially because every single one of their arguments and fights are broadcast into millions of people’s home every week, but has he finally crossed the line?

We’ve been there through the whole moving out/pregnancy break-up drama of 2012, then again through Scott’s possible move to Miami, and now through what seems to be an ongoing battle of who can get in the last word.

Scott and Kourtney had an argument on a new episode of ‘Kourtney & Kim Take Miami’ – which, of course they did.  This time, their argument was not over Scott’s wandering eye, but rather his criticism over Kourtney’s weight.

During a preview, Kourtney weighs herself in front of Kim and Scott, and sees that her weight is currently at 115 pounds.  Pretty good for someone who’s still trying to get over her baby weight, right? Well apparently not, because Scott then asks Kourtney, “What were you when I first met you?” to which Kourtney then replied, “Like, 95.”

Of course, he can’t let it go there, and has to add, “I feel like 93 is the dream.” The look of Kourtney’s face pretty much says it all, and you can see that the episode will just be chock full of weight-o-drama.


Now ladies and lads, we know that insulting a women’s weight is never, ever a good idea, right?  Well, clearly Scott was never taught this particular lesson as he couldn’t even take a hint from Kourtney’s crestfallen face after he makes the ’93 is the dream’ comment.

Again, this is just a preview, so we’ll have to tune into the next episode to find out.  It’s almost hard to believe that this stuff isn’t scripted, because how can these people’s lives possibly be this ridiculous? I mean, Scott seems like a decent..ish man, and while not the smartest person on the planet, not a complete idiot either [I know some people will beg to differ here].  Not only is 93 pounds a significant amount lower than Kourtney’s current weight, making it that much more difficult for her to deal with his clearly ideal version of her, but it’s actually an unhealthy weight for someone that short.

But of course, it’s all a ruse.  It’s always, always a ruse to get more viewers.  And weight issues are almost always a sure fire way to get more viewers to tune in.  So viewers, tune in to watch Scott and Kourtney fight over who is more ridiculous on Sunday at 9 PM on ET. Or you know, don’t.

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